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Ingrid Wolseithcrafte
Really? How much attention have you been paying?
Thu Feb 1, 2018 06:10

It was quite lucky that the start of term was distractingly busy. Summer had definitely been... interesting. She was rather smitten with a certain someone, and the fact that Theodore obviously didn’t like it had just made it all the more tempting and enjoyable…She thought she could lose quite a lot of time thinking about him, but there were other things to distract her. Like the fact she’d been made Quidditch Captain. She pretty much had to nominate Ben as her assistant, although she would have much rather worked with Lily. It was nothing against Ben, and she had to admit he’d been a solid team member and had probably earnt it, though she wasn’t completely sure he was the most organised person in the world, but that sort of came with the territory in Pecari. She also knew that people would start crying ‘racism’ if she skipped over him. She mentally glossed over the fact that this would probably be entirely justified, as it was really the foundation of any closer allegiance she felt with Lily - had Ben been a Pureblood boy, she’d probably have thought he was fantastic; he was fun, funny and he liked sports.There was something to be said for having someone like him in a position of authority too, in that it meant she could delegate dealing with other people like him to him. Like Parker. She had nothing against him, and was exceptionally glad he had joined the team, but she just had no idea how to talk to a Muggleborn first year boy. Second year now, she supposed, but the gulf between them was as big as ever. And with all the houses struggling for players, and with Pecari having fewer Purebloods to start with, she had to be tactically nice about the whole thing. Still, she remembered what Joella had done for her during her final years. The older girl had taken Ingrid under her wing as a sort of assistant assistant captain, in case Sammy Meeks was too scattershot to do a proper job of training her. She could do the same with Lily.

As she entered the hall for the feast, she spotted the younger girl and took a seat next to her. Although Ingrid did not get to retain hers for long, as she and Fabian were called up to receive their head student badges. She felt a little bad for Louis, who she sort of thought deserved it. Fabian was… fine, and nice enough, but he didn’t exactly stand out from the crowd. Mind you, that might have been why he got it. Louis and Dustin had just enough scandal in their families to put off Pureblood voters, although she thought some of the rest might have gone for Louis on that basis. Perhaps news hadn’t reached them that he was a reformed character, championing their causes. She very deliberately did not look at the Aladren table whilst collecting her badge. She didn’t want him, or anyone else for that matter, getting the wrong idea. It was good, she supposed, that he hadn’t got it. It might have got awkward if they’d been required to be alone together. This way she could just tell him she’d moved on, and wouldn’t be faced with the awkwardness of then having to be around him.

The feast began, and Ingrid served herself steak and potatoes. Lily asked her to pass the chilli, and she obliged, only fumbling it slightly as Lily asked after her summer.

“Quite good, I suppose,” she answered lightly, although there was something of a blush on her cheeks. “Yours?”

  • This is rather unexpected.Lily Spencer, Sun Jan 28 03:48
    This was the first year Lily arrived at Sonora without her siblings, but she felt comfortable. She loved visiting her brothers and sister whilst in England and family holidays, but she had... more
    • Really? How much attention have you been paying? — Ingrid Wolseithcrafte, Thu Feb 1 06:10
      • I'm particular about what I notice.Lily, Sat Feb 3 23:38
        "It was interesting, to say the least, but in a good way. I went to a few parties my Muggle friends invited me to and met someone. Firstly, I admit I've never been to parties that weren't proper, but ... more
        • “Lily Spencer!” Ingrid gasped, as Lily told her about her summer, “Are you serious?” she asked. She couldn’t believe how casually Lily was just dropping the fact that she’d been to Muggle parties.... more
          • I blame youthful passions.Lily, Wed Feb 7 18:03
            It was certainly not proper to be seen hanging about Muggles, but Lily took pride that she wasn’t from such a high-profile family that pure-bloods waited thirstily for some sort of scandal to pounce... more
            • Chance would be a fine thingIngrid, Wed Feb 14 07:47
              Eek. So Lily had secrets. Secrets she now wanted Ingrid to keep. That wasn’t exactly hard – Ingrid had a limited number of people she could tell, and she wasn’t really all that gossipy, unlike a lot... more
              • Unlike the Muggle girls Lily had spent time with during the summer, she felt a stronger camaraderie with the older witch. Sharing a magical background made her feel less guarded about what she talked ... more
                • HurrahIngrid, Sun Feb 18 06:20
                  Lily seemed to be sure she wouldn’t be disowned for her wayward behaviour. Ingrid was still slightly unconvinced. Or rather, even if Lily’s family wouldn’t disown her, that there wouldn’t be other... more
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