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I was saving that for a more suspenseful moment
Thu Feb 1, 2018 10:39

Jozua blinked with complete incomprehension, having no idea what Joe was going on about regarding genetic inclinations towards herbology. He glanced in question toward their Head of House, but Professor Xavier didn’t seem possessed of any unexpected growths or blooms. “The prefect appointment,” he confirmed, feeling Joe had won that round and confused Jozua far more than Jozua had confounded him.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool you and Lily have yours, but I’d either have to stop blowing up my potions or turn myself in for sabotaging my own brewing if I got it, and neither of those appeals to me at all.” He grinned, as if he were joking, though it had been a valid concern that had plagued him from time to time. He hadn’t really thought he stood much chance of getting made prefect, not with both Georgia and Finn being such excellent candidates and sharing the same House and year as him, but there was the outside chance his dueling club leadership had somehow convinced somebody on staff that he was responsible and competent to interact with other students.

“Speaking of badges, is that a captain’s badge I see on your robes? Congrats!” Not that it wasn’t unexpected, what with Ginger graduating and Joe having been her assistant. Of course, one of his friends being captain meant he was obligated not to quit the team again, not that he’d managed to do that when he didn’t have a friend in the captaincy. “Since Keeper is vacant now, I figure I’ll try for that position this year. Might be less of a liability to the team that way.”

  • Joe loved his family, but after this summer, he was grateful to be away from them. For one thing, Europe really had been too much togetherness, at least with that group of people – William had been... more
    • I was saving that for a more suspenseful moment — Jozua, Thu Feb 1 10:39
      • What, the possibility of Head Boy?Joe , Thu Feb 1 15:32
        For one brief happy moment, Joe and Jozua had been on the same page, and then Jozua started talking crazy talk. Joe looked at him with his head slightly tilted, puzzled. Was he serious, or – Oh! He... more
        • Maybe the Quidditch Try-OutsJozua, Thu Feb 1 18:54
          “Oh dear Merlin,” Jozua cursed as he stared at the offered badge in horror. “Somebody on staff did think I was responsible and competent to interact with other students.” But he snatched the badge... more
          • Drama seems more suited to a game.Joe, Sun Feb 4 15:24
            For a moment, Joe thought Jozua might do something truly unusual and actually turn down an offered promotion – something even John, who had clearly been in no mental state to do any of his jobs in... more
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