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What, the possibility of Head Boy?
Thu Feb 1, 2018 15:32

For one brief happy moment, Joe and Jozua had been on the same page, and then Jozua started talking crazy talk. Joe looked at him with his head slightly tilted, puzzled. Was he serious, or –

Oh! He was mocking the common perception of Teppenpaws as utter Boy Scouts (Jozua probably wouldn’t know the actual organization, but Joe was sure the wizarding world had some equivalent of the concept he just personally didn’t happen to be familiar with). That made sense.

“It is,” he said on the more direct subject of Quidditch. “Thanks. That reminds me – “ he had stuck the envelope with Jozua’s new badge in his pocket. “Official proof you’re not too much of a liability,” he joked as he proffered it, “if you want it.”

Privately, he thought Keeper might not be a bad place for Jozua, though he wouldn’t mind too much if someone else came along for that position either. If nothing else, Jozua was a loose cannon, which was not entirely unbeneficial in a Beater – if only because the opposition might think Jozua was as apt to hit them with himself as a Bludger. Anything that kept the opposition off-balance, though, was Good, or at least Beneficial – that was true even just of talking one’s way out of situations that might end in someone finding out one was a wizard. In Quidditch, of course, the technique was a little less…refined, but a lot more fun and less stressful, which did make up for a lot.

  • Jozua blinked with complete incomprehension, having no idea what Joe was going on about regarding genetic inclinations towards herbology. He glanced in question toward their Head of House, but... more
    • What, the possibility of Head Boy? — Joe , Thu Feb 1 15:32
      • Maybe the Quidditch Try-OutsJozua, Thu Feb 1 18:54
        “Oh dear Merlin,” Jozua cursed as he stared at the offered badge in horror. “Somebody on staff did think I was responsible and competent to interact with other students.” But he snatched the badge... more
        • Drama seems more suited to a game.Joe, Sun Feb 4 15:24
          For a moment, Joe thought Jozua might do something truly unusual and actually turn down an offered promotion – something even John, who had clearly been in no mental state to do any of his jobs in... more
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