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Maybe the Quidditch Try-Outs
Thu Feb 1, 2018 18:54

“Oh dear Merlin,” Jozua cursed as he stared at the offered badge in horror. “Somebody on staff did think I was responsible and competent to interact with other students.” But he snatched the badge away from Joe before he could rescind his offer and pinned it on his own robes. Assistant Quidditch Captain. Take that, world. Just goes to show that you can come out on top (or second to top as the case may be) if you persisted and were basically the only other option older than twelve.

Well, Eden was probably third year by now, so thirteen. And Georgia had technically joined the team last year, even if she hadn’t made first string. So, options that weren’t Jozua existed.

This meant he really seriously couldn’t ever quit the team now, because - “Dude, are you sure you really want me running the team after you graduate? Isn’t that kind of like the blind leading the deaf or something? Not that I’m giving it back, mind you; I’m just asking. This is the only shiny I’ve got a shot at.”

He wasn’t even going to contemplate getting Head Boy. There was just no way people would pick him over Finn. Finn had lots of friends. Jozua had three. And Joe would be graduated by then. And of the two left, one was Finn himself. Heck, Jozua would probably vote for Finn, too. Finn was way better suited.

  • What, the possibility of Head Boy?Joe , Thu Feb 1 15:32
    For one brief happy moment, Joe and Jozua had been on the same page, and then Jozua started talking crazy talk. Joe looked at him with his head slightly tilted, puzzled. Was he serious, or – Oh! He... more
    • Maybe the Quidditch Try-Outs — Jozua, Thu Feb 1 18:54
      • Drama seems more suited to a game.Joe, Sun Feb 4 15:24
        For a moment, Joe thought Jozua might do something truly unusual and actually turn down an offered promotion – something even John, who had clearly been in no mental state to do any of his jobs in... more
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