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Heinrich Hexenmeister
You absolutely can
Fri Feb 2, 2018 20:32

Heinrich had stumbled through his first encounter with English-speaking Americans. He thought he’d done well enough and Nathaniel had even complimented Heinrich’s own ability to speak the language. He was tentatively willing to count the Oregon Mordues as, well, probably not friends, not yet, after just one conversation. But maybe allies or associates anyways. Acquaintances at the minimum.

Of course, then there was the tour. Heinrich followed . . . some of it. He understood ‘library’ anyway, and even if he hadn’t his eyes told him the nature of that book filled room, and that was the important one anyway. What was called ‘MARS’ looked like a good place too. His eyes told him more about that collection of rooms than what Herr Xavier was says though.

Now brought to the Cascade Hall, Heinrich was handed a blank badge though he didn’t understand what he was supposed to do with it until he saw his yearmates dunking theirs into a caldron and pulling it out bearing the color of one of the Houses. Ah. The Sorting.

He dunked in his blank badge and pulled out a blue one. Aladren. He smiled. From what he had read, that was the one he had guessed he might get. He was pleased to have been right.

Heading over to the table, he took an available empty seat near a blue-badged girl who had been sorted shortly before he had, figuring it was safest to stick with another first year for now. Then the Headmaster began talking again. There was a bunch of what sounded like gibberish to him, but he soon realized they weren’t unfamiliar English words, but names of older students as they came up to get badges a lot shinier than his own now blue one. Then he welcomed someone and pointed out a lady at the staff table, which Heinrich took to mean the lady was as new to the school as he and the first years were.

Finally he mentioned playing ball in the middle of summer, which seemed an odd thing to Heinrich to bring up, but maybe the Headmaster just really liked Quidditch. To each their own.

Then there was singing, which Heinrich tried to join into, but reading English and music at the same time was a bit beyond his capabilities, so he mostly just hummed along with the melody until it was over and the food appeared.

With some relief, he did see some dishes he was familiar with, and took a fair sized helping of those, plus some less identifiable foodstuffs that smelled appealing but which he could not identify. Cautiously, he tried a forkful of some kind of very yellow rice and his eyes widened and he reached for his glass of juice to quench the fire in his mouth. “Das is spicy hot,” he warned his neighbor (remembering to use English only after the first word), as he pointed at the yellow rice. He took another gulp of his juice.

OOC: Not sure exactly what the rice dish is. I based it vaguely on an Indian dish I had at a company potluck. If you know something that is spicy with yellow rice, feel free to call it that. Heinrich also has a low spice tolerance, so what he considers burning hot may seem pretty mild to someone who regularly eats spicy foods.

  • I can do this, I can do this…Masha Adin, Fri Feb 2 18:50
    Masha followed the rest of the kids to the hallways and into the huge room. Suppressing the need to turn and dash she took one shuddery breath. I can do this. Those few simple words became her mantra ... more
    • You absolutely can — Heinrich Hexenmeister, Fri Feb 2 20:32
      • You probably don’t want to eat thatMasha Adin, Sun Feb 4 15:24
        Masha tried not to flinch when the boy sat next to her. It wasn’t so much that he was a boy but more that she saw him talking to other kids. She assumed he is a chatty type and she was not in a... more
        • You are probably rightHeinrich Hexenmeister, Sun Feb 4 19:48
          The girl blushed when he addressed her, and for a second he thought maybe she was shy and wouldn't respond at all, but then she did. She had an accent that he didn't think was German but it seemed... more
          • I don’t know that much about foodMasha Adin, Wed Feb 7 12:38
            Masha looked while boy carefully pushed the Indian dish to the edge of the plate. At least she did help a little bit. It appeared that he didn’t like hot food any more than she did. "Danke," That... more
            • We have that in commonHeinrich Hexenmeister, Sat Feb 10 09:13
              His very first thought when the other first year spoke and said something completely incomprehensible was that it couldn't possibly be even English. Much of English was incomprehensible to him, but... more
              • What now?Masha Adin, Tue Feb 20 15:37
                The boy thanked Masha and then he said: "I am from Germany," Germany! A country in Europe. I don’t know anything about Germany! Masha was starting to panic. The only bit of good news was that the boy ... more
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