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Kir McLeod
Come mix with the ruffians
Sat Feb 3, 2018 21:02

Kir’s summer had been relatively uneventful although very enjoyable. He’d interned at his parents’ charity, helped with fundraising, and gone on camping for week with his parents and his little sister. Who was getting to be not so little. This would be the last time he started a school year without her, although he very much doubted they’d be in the same house. Kir’s approach to McLeod politics was to never scare anyone off - someone who needed their help would find it so much harder to ask for it if they personally disliked him, or had to swallow their pride to take it. Nessa cared much more about proving that what they were doing was right.

Kir took a seat at the Teppenpaw table, applauding the new prefects and head students. He’d had fun singing with Georgia last year and thought he might try to hang out with her again sometime. The ball… He had mixed feelings about. It would be really nice to have a date, but he didn’t rate his own chances, and he thought it might make for stressful dynamics as everyone waited to see who’d ask who, and he wasn’t a fan of those.

He sang the school song, and when that was finished, helped himself to salmon and potatoes and peas, eyes roving over the rest of the dishes as he considered what else he might eat. The person next to him turned out to be a new first year - not a surprise, he supposed, that there had been a seat spare next to him, as he didn’t exactly have a huge social network.

“I like it,” he agreed about the song, glad the boy had given him something other than the very stiff Pureblood introduction to work off.

“I’m Kir,” he replied. “My full name is Kir McLeod, but you don’t need to be that formal with me,” he advised, “On the whole, I get the feeling Teppenpaws mostly aren’t too worried about formalities, but I might be speaking out of turn,” he added. He didn’t presume to know how the Pureblooded Teppenpaws interacted, but… it was more a feeling he got in the common room, that it was a warm, cosy and relaxed place. It didn’t feel like anyone was standing on ceremony. But maybe that was just him projecting how he felt. The notion of informality was reflected slightly in Kir’s attire, the arms of his school robes were rolled up above the elbow, and where prefects or head students displayed their badges, he had a small rainbow flag shaped pin with ‘McLeod Foundation’ written underneath it.

“You came here with someone?” he added. He’d watched the sorting, and seen a newly minted Crotalus seeming rather sorry to part ways with Nathaniel.

  • Well, this was unexpected.Nathaniel Mordue, Sun Jan 28 12:11
    When Nathaniel first saw his badge turn yellow, his first thought was remarkably calm: Well. That was unexpected. Sylvia had thought they both ought to be in Crotalus, and since she was very proper... more
    • Come mix with the ruffians — Kir McLeod, Sat Feb 3 21:02
      • I’m not sure Sylvia will allow it.Nathaniel , Sun Feb 4 15:29
        Kir McLeod did not think they needed to stand on ceremony, but Nathaniel noticed he had a pin with what appeared to be his surname on it. The word foundation made Nathaniel slightly wary –... more
        • But Sylvia isn't hereKir McLeod, Wed Feb 7 06:51
          “I don’t think so,” Kir replied, when Nathaniel said that his cousin planned to ‘sort this out.’ He tried to not immediately jump to the conclusion that said cousin was a spoilt little brat. He... more
          • I'm not sure that bothers her too much.Nathaniel, Wed Feb 7 11:29
            I don’t think so . Nathaniel’s eyes widened a little, as though he could not quite believe what he was hearing. Of course he could – Sylvia usually got what she wanted, but not always, nobody always... more
            • Ouch. What kind of family raised kids to believe that one of them was more important than the rest? Well, mental Pureblood ones, obviously, which was part of the reason why his family’s foundation... more
              • “No, not at all,” murmured Nathaniel politely when Kir commented that Teppenpaws didn’t sound like too terrible a group to belong to. He did, however, frown slightly upon hearing that Teppenpaw had a ... more
                • HmmmKir, Wed Feb 14 07:56
                  “Well, true,” he acknowledged, when Nathaniel pointed out that there were some people who were more important, like prefects. “I guess some people get given an important job to do, and then that... more
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