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Georgia Kirkly
Hey there sleepyhead
Sat Feb 3, 2018 22:08

Summer had been interesting. There had been the mall boy. The one who called her cute. And she, Georgia Kirkly, chubby and generally not one of the cool kids, had kissed him. She couldn't wait to tell Zevalyn about it. It hadn't gone further than that, and it hadn't been love or even boyfriend and girlfriend. He was a guy she'd seen a few times whilst staying at her dad's. And ultimately, she had decided he was kind of up himself, and it had all fizzled out before she'd even left her dad's, which was a good thing that she didn't have a permanent phone number (her dad let her use a cell phone when she stayed with him, but she couldn't bring it back to school) and hadn't had to make up excuses about why she wouldn't be in touch like... ever again. Still, it was a milestone. And she felt less horrific about herself. She was not, apparently, the one hundred percent unattractive she had always assumed herself to be.

The start of term continued to go her way and boost her confidence as she was named prefect. Her! And even better, Zevalyn got it too. She grinned at her friend across the hall, and gave her a subtle low five as they collected their badges. She was excited to write home. After all the blood prejudice that her mom had endured at school, it had been her number one worry that Georgia wouldn't be accepted – a paranoia that had hung over Georgia for her first few years as she tried to navigate the social labyrinth of school and make friends. Certainly though, the staff seemed to accept her. And she'd always got on fine with the other students. She thought she might actually be able to stop worrying quite so much about the blood thing, which would be nice.

The only low point was the mention of the ball. The ball in her first year had been super embarrassing when she hadn't realised that ball did not equate to school party, dress-code-wise, and she had been severely under dressed for the occasion. Even though she knew better now, she still had the memory of last time hanging over her, plus she wasn't sure how she'd look in a fancy ball dress. She hadn't even remembered that the prefects would have to do the opening dance. If she had, she might have been a bit less grateful about the badge pinned on her chest.

She helped herself to mac and cheese as the feast began. Sure, Sonora provided all sorts, but she was a solid, comfort food kind of person. She glanced at the person next to her. The Asian seventh year girl. Georgia didn't really know her. The girly seemed either sleepy or gloomy though Georgia wasn't sure which. She figured some of that famed Teppenpaw friendliness was in order either way though.

“Hi,” she smiled. “Are you ok?”

  • Zzzzz....Wu Peizhi, Sat Feb 3 20:28
    She did not wish to talk about summer. Wu was quite grateful to be back at Sonora, although knowing it was her final time was a bit stressful. That meant her adulthood was ahead of her, and she felt... more
    • Hey there sleepyhead — Georgia Kirkly, Sat Feb 3 22:08
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