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I'm particular about what I notice.
Sat Feb 3, 2018 23:38

"It was interesting, to say the least, but in a good way. I went to a few parties my Muggle friends invited me to and met someone. Firstly, I admit I've never been to parties that weren't proper, but some Muggle teenagers can be mental. It was loads of fun nevertheless, but my mum wasn't happy about it." Lily grinned. "Not that she's very happy about anything I do, but she's stopped lecturing me about it.

"Secondly, I met a guy at one of those parties, really fit. It was just a fling for the summer, but everything about it was nice. Really nice." Lily wasn't really the blushing sort and she wasn't embarrassed to kiss and tell, but she chose to end it there. She imagined Ingrid would be more embarrassed for her. "I spent most of the summer with him and the few other friends I've got there. I haven't really met many wizards or witches my age that I get on with back home." She'd been hurt by Muggles enough to see how foreign their culture was at times, and she sometimes wished for magical company, friends that would fully understand her. But it wasn't easy to find others her age who were willing to chat with a witch they didn't know, didn't go to school with and didn't regard as 'proper'.

"Congratulations on two badges in one year, Ingrid. Good for you." Lily was very happy for her, but she would've traded in her Prefect badge to be Assistant Captain instead. She respected and looked up to the older witch and would have liked to work with her and be trained by her, but formality called for Benjamin to step into the role. Lily wasn't going to throw a fit about it; after all, it was only a formal position. She still had one year to seek some sort of training or mentorship from Ingrid before she left. She couldn't imagine Ingrid having much time, however, what with RATS, Head Girl duties and advanced coursework.

Whilst Lily had once been rather dense about social cues and nonverbal language, she had improved over the years through her Seeker training. Her family wouldn't agree, but that was only because Lily spent so little time at home and, when she was home, she liked to wind up her mother on purpose. So the slight colour on Ingrid's cheeks did not go unnoticed by her. "Something tells me there was something - or someone? - that made this a particularly good summer. Care to tell?" Lily smiled at her and popped a grape into her mouth. She liked falling back into her cheeky younger sister role, especially to those older classmates she felt comfortable with.

  • Really? How much attention have you been paying?Ingrid Wolseithcrafte, Thu Feb 1 06:10
    It was quite lucky that the start of term was distractingly busy. Summer had definitely been... interesting. She was rather smitten with a certain someone, and the fact that Theodore obviously didn’t ... more
    • I'm particular about what I notice. — Lily, Sat Feb 3 23:38
      • “Lily Spencer!” Ingrid gasped, as Lily told her about her summer, “Are you serious?” she asked. She couldn’t believe how casually Lily was just dropping the fact that she’d been to Muggle parties.... more
        • I blame youthful passions.Lily, Wed Feb 7 18:03
          It was certainly not proper to be seen hanging about Muggles, but Lily took pride that she wasn’t from such a high-profile family that pure-bloods waited thirstily for some sort of scandal to pounce... more
          • Chance would be a fine thingIngrid, Wed Feb 14 07:47
            Eek. So Lily had secrets. Secrets she now wanted Ingrid to keep. That wasn’t exactly hard – Ingrid had a limited number of people she could tell, and she wasn’t really all that gossipy, unlike a lot... more
            • Unlike the Muggle girls Lily had spent time with during the summer, she felt a stronger camaraderie with the older witch. Sharing a magical background made her feel less guarded about what she talked ... more
              • HurrahIngrid, Sun Feb 18 06:20
                Lily seemed to be sure she wouldn’t be disowned for her wayward behaviour. Ingrid was still slightly unconvinced. Or rather, even if Lily’s family wouldn’t disown her, that there wouldn’t be other... more
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