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Kyte Collindale
Take some advice from a wise older student
Sun Feb 4, 2018 06:46

Kyte had had a great time catching up with his roommate and best bud before the feast, but he couldn’t exactly say he was sorry when it was time to quit the dorm room and head downstairs to an almost literal mountain of food. He was starving. Coming from a family of circus performers who lived on the road, never having gone to formal school before he started Sonora, and with hair long enough to tie into a ponytail (although he rarely did), Kyte was in many ways not your typical teenage boy. But in the way that the only time his mind wasn’t on his stomach was when it was on girls (and, to a lesser extent guys) he definitely was.

He took a seat, not really listening to the announcements. He took a sheet for the school song. Every year, he kept meaning to make up some amusing words that summarised how he actually felt, but once the song sheet faded from his hands, it always faded from his mind until that same point came up again the next year. He winged it for a few lines…

Every day we strive,
Try to stay the hell alive,
Sonora will really bore ya…

He was out. Transfiguration theory deserved a special mention, he felt. The song drew to a close, and his mind tumbled over words… ‘Until it’s time to graduate, I’ll just...’ he grinned. He could think of two things he liked to do when he had the dorm room to himself, one of which conveniently rhymed.

He piled his plate high with a little bit of almost everything in reach, regardless of whether it seemed likely to go together. There was so much good food, why skip over any of it, just cos it came from opposite sides of the world, or was carbs with carbs with carbs? He reached across his neighbour for something (table manners had never exactly been his strong suit) and noticed the kid still had an empty plate. Not only that, he looked down right miserable. Kyte knew the feeling - he couldn’t exactly say he was ever thrilled to come back to school himself, although he liked hanging out with Ben, and now that he never had to take another Transfiguration class, things looked a lot better. This kid was small enough that he clearly still would have to listen to Professor Skies all year. Poor thing.

“Hey,” Kyte smiled sympathetically, “I know coming back’s a drag, but dude… Don’t take it out on the food. It’s the best thing this place has going for it. Save the moping and zoning out for when you get a Transfiguration theory class.”

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    • Take some advice from a wise older student — Kyte Collindale, Sun Feb 4 06:46
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