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But not about what you get up to, apparently
Sun Feb 4, 2018 07:54

“Lily Spencer!” Ingrid gasped, as Lily told her about her summer, “Are you serious?” she asked. She couldn’t believe how casually Lily was just dropping the fact that she’d been to Muggle parties. What was with the Pecari Quidditch girls? First Liliana had gone off the rails, showing up to the ball with a Muggleborn boy, and then Joella had been swapping between guys like nobody’s business… Ok, her own record wasn’t exactly squeaky clean. She’d spent a lot of last year making out with Louis, who was scarcely fit and proper company for a society girl these days. Well, scarcely proper, at any rate… But she wasn’t exactly going around shouting that from the rooftops. Didn’t Lily care about her reputation? She knew Pecaris were meant to be adventurous, but she thought it might be nice if she could just make and keep one friend who didn’t seem to put themselves at constant risk of getting disowned. It had been so hard after years of looking up to Liliana to see her risk being tainted with scandal and unkind gossip. Not to mention the giant mess that was her and Louis - the boy she was most attracted to at school, who was determined to branch out into the Muggle world and drag his family’s reputation under. And she’d been getting closer to Lily, and now this?! Was it too much to ask that she have one nice, steady friendship that didn’t end in disaster? It did feel like there was some kind of jinx on her.

“That was all your mom did? Lecture you a bit?” she asked, gobsmacked. She would have been in so much trouble if she’d snuck off to Muggle parties. “How do you even know any Muggles anyway?” she asked. She never mixed with non-society people at home, and she couldn’t believe Lily’s parents were letting her. “And mental how?” she added, curiously. She was a Pecari, after all. And Lily had glimpsed into another world. One which she had never seen. She would have been lying if she’d said she wasn’t just a teensy bit interested.

“Thanks,” she smiled, when Lily congratulated her on the badges, “I guess I’ll be asking Ben to be my assistant. But it would be cool if we can do some stuff together,” she added. She wasn’t quite sure what, seeing as Lily was Seeker, which was pretty solitary.

“My brother brought a college friend to our lake house for the summer,” she grinned, when Lily asked about her summer. She really hoped Lily wasn’t about to get herself kicked out or scandal ridden or anything. It was so nice having a girl to gossip with. “Theodore was a total pain in the backside about it though. Do your brothers do this? Like… they’ll treat you like a child so long as that’s what’s most convenient, but then the second it gives them a chance to be on your case about something else, they’ll remind you how you’re growing up now and can’t behave like a kid - even though they’re the ones who have been acting like you are? He’s so annoying!”

  • I'm particular about what I notice.Lily, Sat Feb 3 23:38
    "It was interesting, to say the least, but in a good way. I went to a few parties my Muggle friends invited me to and met someone. Firstly, I admit I've never been to parties that weren't proper, but ... more
    • But not about what you get up to, apparently — Ingrid, Sun Feb 4 07:54
      • I blame youthful passions.Lily, Wed Feb 7 18:03
        It was certainly not proper to be seen hanging about Muggles, but Lily took pride that she wasn’t from such a high-profile family that pure-bloods waited thirstily for some sort of scandal to pounce... more
        • Chance would be a fine thingIngrid, Wed Feb 14 07:47
          Eek. So Lily had secrets. Secrets she now wanted Ingrid to keep. That wasn’t exactly hard – Ingrid had a limited number of people she could tell, and she wasn’t really all that gossipy, unlike a lot... more
          • Unlike the Muggle girls Lily had spent time with during the summer, she felt a stronger camaraderie with the older witch. Sharing a magical background made her feel less guarded about what she talked ... more
            • HurrahIngrid, Sun Feb 18 06:20
              Lily seemed to be sure she wouldn’t be disowned for her wayward behaviour. Ingrid was still slightly unconvinced. Or rather, even if Lily’s family wouldn’t disown her, that there wouldn’t be other... more
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