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Drama seems more suited to a game.
Sun Feb 4, 2018 15:24

For a moment, Joe thought Jozua might do something truly unusual and actually turn down an offered promotion – something even John, who had clearly been in no mental state to do any of his jobs in his seventh year and who, Joe had discovered later, had been completely aware of that fact even as jobs had been piling up around him, had not been heterodox enough to try. Then the badge was abruptly snatched away.

“You can speak in complete sentences,” he said dryly when Jozua explained his thought processes. “You’re already leaps and bounds ahead of my brother when he was a captain. And you’ve played more than one position, so you’re going into it with more theory of different positions than most people have.” Another thing which had proved fatal for John’s chances of success as a captain; John understood Beating, and had picked up a fair bit of Seeking theory from Clark, but that was it. He neither knew nor cared about what went into Chasing and Keeping, so long as he knew which color robe to aim at. John’s thoughts were complex, but when he stayed away from women, his life was actually sometimes enviably simple.

Not, of course, that avoiding women seemed to be one of John’s strengths, one way or another. Joe never would understand what it was about him which made even their mother and sister want to take care of him so much, or, no matter how many times either John or Joanie herself tried to explain it to him with small words and diagrams, what John could possibly do or say which was interesting enough to get a girl like Joanie Murphy to become somewhat unnervingly devoted to him, albeit still in an (apparently) weird and non-sexual way, and God alone knew what could possibly account for Sammy and, apparently, Lenore…Well, Joe could think of a few possibilities for Lenore, actually, when he thought about what he knew about How Society Worked, but they were varying degrees of disturbing and so he preferred not to.

“The letter – I think I left that upstairs, but the letter was talking about service to the team,” he said. “You know – “ he dropped his voice slightly in imitation of what he imagined pompous pureblood patriarchs sounded like – “loyalty is an important thing in our House.” He cut the act before he made himself sound unduly ridiculous. “You’ll be fine. Just look really confident and everyone will fall for it.” Joe thought he had always known this rule, but Julian had really convinced him of its reality; the contrast between just plain Julian Umland, the wide-eyed, pearl-dripping, naïve little Mrs. Welles who the snotty sorts saw, and Lady Julian the Feudal Overlord was impressive, and he’d seen people responding differently to those three personages with his own eyes. “And you’ll have something to brag about at home,” he added, though this was possibly not as important when one didn’t have four fairly accomplished older siblings to compete against. “Have, er, a good time there this summer?”

  • Maybe the Quidditch Try-OutsJozua, Thu Feb 1 18:54
    “Oh dear Merlin,” Jozua cursed as he stared at the offered badge in horror. “Somebody on staff did think I was responsible and competent to interact with other students.” But he snatched the badge... more
    • Drama seems more suited to a game. — Joe, Sun Feb 4 15:24
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