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Masha Adin
You probably donít want to eat that
Sun Feb 4, 2018 15:24

Masha tried not to flinch when the boy sat next to her. It wasnít so much that he was a boy but more that she saw him talking to other kids. She assumed he is a chatty type and she was not in a chatty mood.

She sighed a silent relief when the boy didnít start talking right away.

Too many foods were at the table. Some of it familiar some of it not. She carefully took a bit of chicken meat and some potatoes, carefully picking a fruit for later. The boy next to her took Indian dish she was familiar with. In a way she was impressed - the dish was spicy hot. Masha didnít like spicy food, at least not spicy food that had a tendency to burn your mouth.

ďDas is spicy hot,Ē

Masha blushed. The boy was talking to her. And not just talking - he used the foreign word. One she was unfamiliar with. Clenching her hands around knife and fork she glanced at the boy with a tight smile.

Should I just nod or respond?

Masha decided that response might be expected. The boy was polite and it looked to her like he was trying to warn her. After all, if she keeps conversation on food, nothing can go wrong. Hoping that she is doing the right thing she mimicked boys informal way of addressing.

ďIt is if you donít like spicy hot food you should avoid Indian food.Ē Masha didnít know too many Indian dishes, but all dishes Mrs Inamari made were hot ďThat is Khichdi. Mrs Inamari always puts ginger and cayenne peppers and other hot things inside. It is hot.Ē

She did it again. Every time! Every time she was forced to talk when she was nervous Masha would start to talk, giving the unnecessary information to her surroundings. Well, if she didnít somehow offend the boy, he would probably run away from her.

That is how it always was. She would say something unnecessary stupid and kids would just start avoiding her.

OOC: By the description, Iíd say the meal is Khichdi, it can be hot spicy or not. Traditionally it is (even if Indian people would say it is not :D ), but that varies depending on the part of India - each part has its own unique flavour.

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    • You probably donít want to eat that — Masha Adin, Sun Feb 4 15:24
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