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I’m not sure Sylvia will allow it.
Sun Feb 4, 2018 15:29

Kir McLeod did not think they needed to stand on ceremony, but Nathaniel noticed he had a pin with what appeared to be his surname on it. The word foundation made Nathaniel slightly wary – foundations held fundraisers, fundraisers were social functions, and social functions were things Mama preferred to avoid since they’d lost his father – but at least the things Kir McLeod from Nowhere was saying sounded good for the moment.

“I see,” said Nathaniel seriously. “Thank you for letting me know, Kir.”

Then Kir asked about Sylvia and Nathaniel tried – and somewhat failed – not to wince. So they had made a bit of a scene after all, then. They did bear some resemblance to each other, of course, they were first cousins, but the strongest point of similarity was the eyes, which he was pretty sure Kir had been too far away to note. He had his mother’s curlier, lighter brown hair, unlike the darker Mordue look Sylvia and Simon shared.

“I did,” he said. “Miss Mordue is my cousin.” He was quite sure Sylvia would not be okay with a person she didn’t know being informal about or with her. “Er – you might know this, I hope you don’t mind me asking – she said she was going to sort ‘this’ out. I guess she meant me being in Teppenpaw – Is that, er, something she can actually do?” If so, Nathaniel suspected he was the one who was going to end up being a bit unpopular with both Houses, more than he thought he already was with the other first-year Teppenpaw. The literature had talked about Houses being like families, so he couldn’t imagine the Crotalus family would be happy with a late, unexpected addition or the Teppenpaw family with what it was sure to view as a betrayal, though Nathaniel wouldn’t think of it that way himself. Sylvia was his actual family, and only the scum of the earth would put anything ahead of actual family.

  • Come mix with the ruffiansKir McLeod, Sat Feb 3 21:02
    Kir’s summer had been relatively uneventful although very enjoyable. He’d interned at his parents’ charity, helped with fundraising, and gone on camping for week with his parents and his little... more
    • I’m not sure Sylvia will allow it. — Nathaniel , Sun Feb 4 15:29
      • But Sylvia isn't hereKir McLeod, Wed Feb 7 06:51
        “I don’t think so,” Kir replied, when Nathaniel said that his cousin planned to ‘sort this out.’ He tried to not immediately jump to the conclusion that said cousin was a spoilt little brat. He... more
        • I'm not sure that bothers her too much.Nathaniel, Wed Feb 7 11:29
          I don’t think so . Nathaniel’s eyes widened a little, as though he could not quite believe what he was hearing. Of course he could – Sylvia usually got what she wanted, but not always, nobody always... more
          • Ouch. What kind of family raised kids to believe that one of them was more important than the rest? Well, mental Pureblood ones, obviously, which was part of the reason why his family’s foundation... more
            • “No, not at all,” murmured Nathaniel politely when Kir commented that Teppenpaws didn’t sound like too terrible a group to belong to. He did, however, frown slightly upon hearing that Teppenpaw had a ... more
              • HmmmKir, Wed Feb 14 07:56
                “Well, true,” he acknowledged, when Nathaniel pointed out that there were some people who were more important, like prefects. “I guess some people get given an important job to do, and then that... more
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