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Heinrich Hexenmeister
You are probably right
Sun Feb 4, 2018 19:48

The girl blushed when he addressed her, and for a second he thought maybe she was shy and wouldn't respond at all, but then she did. She had an accent that he didn't think was German but it seemed easier somehow to understand than the Americans he'd spoken to earlier. Accented or not, though, she was a much better English speaker than he felt he was. She also told him the name of the rice, though he was sure he would never remember it as anything other than 'hot yellow rice.' The hot parts were apparently 'Ginger' and 'Cheyenne Pepper'. He recognized the Pfeffer well enough, as they sounded a lot alike between the two languages. However, his knowledge of spices was limited in German and worse in English, so he wasn't quite sure what 'Ginger' was. But if it had Cheyenne Pepper in it, then yeah. Hot. He used his fork to push the rest of it to the side of his plate and decided he'd had enough of that.

"Danke," he thanked her, forgetting again to use the language of his new school. He realized his mistake and corrected, "Thank you, I mean. I am called Heinrich," he introduced himself, figuring he may as well do that now that she had shared part of a recipe with him.

He pointed at a different rice dish, that looked like it was just plain and safe white rice, but he figured he may as well ask, "Is that safe rice? It tastes not spicy hot?"

  • You probably donít want to eat thatMasha Adin, Sun Feb 4 15:24
    Masha tried not to flinch when the boy sat next to her. It wasnít so much that he was a boy but more that she saw him talking to other kids. She assumed he is a chatty type and she was not in a... more
    • You are probably right — Heinrich Hexenmeister, Sun Feb 4 19:48
      • I donít know that much about foodMasha Adin, Wed Feb 7 12:38
        Masha looked while boy carefully pushed the Indian dish to the edge of the plate. At least she did help a little bit. It appeared that he didnít like hot food any more than she did. "Danke," That... more
        • We have that in commonHeinrich Hexenmeister, Sat Feb 10 09:13
          His very first thought when the other first year spoke and said something completely incomprehensible was that it couldn't possibly be even English. Much of English was incomprehensible to him, but... more
          • What now?Masha Adin, Tue Feb 20 15:37
            The boy thanked Masha and then he said: "I am from Germany," Germany! A country in Europe. I donít know anything about Germany! Masha was starting to panic. The only bit of good news was that the boy ... more
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