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Amelia Layne
I'm for it...I think.
Mon Feb 5, 2018 22:20

The summer had been fairly unremarkable for Amelia and her grandparents, at least until the end of the summer, when it had become a bit more interesting for Granddad and Grandmother. They were both excited about officially being great-(well, step-great, in Grandmother’s case)grandparents since Alicia had had her sons in August, and Granddad, of course, was thrilled with everything about the situation – that he had great-grandchildren, that said great-grandchildren were related to important people, that said great-grandchildren had really, really pretentious, to Amelia’s mind slightly stupid-sounding middle names….

The only thing keeping Granddad, at least, from being over the moon was that they had not actually met Amelia’s miniature half-first cousins once removed. Aunt Emily had been to Mt. Pierce a couple of times, but while no-one had actually said anything to Amelia, she had gathered that Alicia had not exactly been pleased by the thought of her mother playing the doting, involved grandmama. In fact, the overall impression Amelia got was that Alicia was intensely possessive of Alexander and Nicholas (who named a kid born in August ‘Nicholas’? Wasn’t that name pretty much synonymous with Christmas?) to the point of not really wanting to share them with anyone but her husband and dead determined that being related to the Laynes and Bauers should be a) something about them which was brought up as little as possible and b) something about them which would not stand in their way.

”I could have told them Ali was going to be like that,” Lionel had remarked to Amelia, but only to Amelia – over the summer, Amelia had discovered that he had nearly made Granddad have a stroke in the winter by first quitting the job Uncle Geoff had gotten him and then later participating in an unsuccessful political campaign of some kind that Granddad had not approved of. Lionel seemed unfazed by it all, but clearly did not wish to provoke Granddad too much again. Stating point-blank that Alicia regarded being part of their family as a Bad Thing would be the kind of thing which could constitute provoking Granddad severely, and even Amelia knew this, which meant Lionel definitely knew this. Accordingly, he just hadn’t said anything about it to anyone else.

Amelia couldn’t understand why her brother was not doing what they knew they were supposed to do – take the best jobs their connections could get them, only get involved with the right organizations, stuff Granddad and Aunt Emily and Alicia and Uncle Geoff would approve of, work hard and get ahead by whatever means necessary – but she couldn’t bring herself to be furious with him about it. How, after all, did it really hurt her that Lionel was doing his own thing? Or even that Alicia wanted to hover over her infants and pretend that the rest of the family didn’t exist? Amelia had her own problems, one of which Headmaster Brockert obligingly mentioned in his speech….

When Amelia was four or five, she would have thought a ball sounded like a splendid idea. At fourteen going on fifteen, she was somewhat less enthralled. Balls meant really uncomfortable shoes and really uncomfortable dresses and, of course, being very aware that she was Doing It Wrong. Alicia went to balls. Rachel and Aunt Emily could no doubt manage at need. Amelia…was not any of them. She was just her: the not-thin-enough, flyaway-brown-blond hair, round-faced one with the Squib mother, no father, no money, and no particular skills that she could ascertain. So this was probably gonna suck, and Granddad and Grandmother weren’t going to admit the possibility until it had already completely and totally sucked.

The food at Sonora, however, usually failed to do that, so Amelia turned her attention to it. “Hey,” she said to a younger Aladren, a boy, who was doing the same. “Mind handing me those potatoes there?”

” Hmm..? What? Sorry... I was, somewhere else."

“No problem,” said Amelia. “I was just asking for potatoes. Were you anywhere interesting?”

  • Here's to an interesting yearGary Harper, Sat Jan 27 19:25
    Gary wandered into the main hall straight from the wagons this year. Had it really been a full year since he'd come here as a wide-eyed, ill-informed first year student? He had chuckled a bit as he... more
    • I'm for it...I think. — Amelia Layne, Mon Feb 5 22:20
      • You sound... uncertain.Gary, Tue Feb 6 19:37
        Gary smiled a little sheepishly at the older girl as he passed her the requested dish. "I was..." He had been where, doing what? I was trying to figure out how to convince some wizards-in-training to ... more
        • Just hedging my bets.Amelia, Tue Feb 6 20:53
          The younger kid – Gary, she thought; the House was kind of small, and while Aladrens were known for liking to remain in their own little worlds, it was easy enough to pick up on who people were... more
          • What's the worst that could happen?Gary, Wed Feb 7 19:00
            Gary could feel his eyes widen and jaw begin to drop, while he listened to Amelia run over the suggested steps. He could literally feel the wave of anxiety starting to draw him in before crashing... more
            • Rocks fall, everyone dies.Amelia, Wed Feb 7 19:28
              It did not take Amelia long to realize that her plan for starting a club might not be one suited to Gary’s interests. The look on his face and things he mumbled after she wrapped up were pretty... more
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