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Cleo James
Avoid, avoid, avoid!
Tue Feb 6, 2018 06:02

On the face of it, avoid everyone forever seemed like a pretty solid life plan. She hadn’t dealt with any of the things that had been thrown at her over the summer, and she had no idea how she was supposed to interact with people. What could she say to them? She couldn’t pretend everything was normal, but she couldn’t explain any of it either. However, there were some unfortunate basics about being back at school that made that plan untenable. Number one, she had to go to class. She had got through the morning by just keeping her head down, and it was easier given that the only real friend she’d had was in a different grade to her. She doubted anyone much in her classes noticed her lack of sociability. Jozua Sparks had also done a decent job of providing a much more interesting talking point, and she suspected all the other intermediates were quite happily distracted by him living up to his name and covering his girlfriend in sparks.

The other unavoidable need of school was food. Professor Skies wasn’t willing to cosset her and let her avoid the world forever. She had simply skipped breakfast but by lunchtime she was starving. She would just go into the hall, grab the most portable looking food - there were usually sandwiches of some variety - and get the heck out again.

She headed to the hall, the prairie elf that had been with them in class branching off to move towards the gardens once they were in sight of the ghost that was conveniently haunting Cascade Hall. They were trying to make it less obvious to everyone else that she was being followed, which she would have appreciated had she had any brain space to feel anything except horrified and upset by absolutely everything that was happening.

As house tables weren’t a concept that applied much outside of the feast, she simply made her way to the one nearest the door. She grabbed a napkin and couple of sandwiches. Mission accomplished. Almost. She began to walk out, eyes still glued to the floor, but there were a set of feet that, instead of moving out of her way were moving towards her, and she was forced to look up and find out who was so very keen to speak to her that they clearly weren’t going to let her get out of the hall without a chance to do so…

OOC - Cleo isn’t doing any veela shazzamming right now, so whoever’s approaching her should be doing so out of genuine interest in speaking to her, not because they’re being magicked. See OOC posts for further details about how Cleo's powers affect others.

    • Ya, that's not going to happen here...Parker Fitzgerald, Thu Feb 8 20:56
      Parker had started to actually eat again, after talking to Kyte though not as much as he normally would have. At breakfast he had eaten a lot more, but missing almost an entire day of meals meant he... more
      • I'm pretty determinedCleo, Fri Feb 9 08:01
        It was Parker. Of course it was Parker. She hadn’t really thought she could avoid him forever but she’d just wished it so hard that she had almost believed it. Why had she made such a big deal at the ... more
        • What...just happened?Parker, Fri Feb 9 09:56
          Her words and her rushed aside were so fast that Parker stood still for a few seconds trying to understand what was happening. He wondered if this was what it was like when he had to distance himself ... more
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