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You sound... uncertain.
Tue Feb 6, 2018 19:37

Gary smiled a little sheepishly at the older girl as he passed her the requested dish. "I was..." He had been where, doing what? I was trying to figure out how to convince some wizards-in-training to sit around a table and play make believe with me on a regular basis. Yeah... that wasn't going to work. At home it had seemed like such a good idea, getting a group of students together to play some D&D. When he had told Dad about it, Dad thought it would be a blast and had told him to do it, he wanted to hear all about it. Now all of the sudden... trying to explain it to someone who probably had no idea at all what it was, struck him as silly. He wanted to do it, he wanted to play, to run a game here. He needed people for that, but... despite being here a whole year, he didn't really have any close friends. Which meant he'd have to talk to people he didn't know all that well about something he liked a lot, and risk facing their derision or scorn. Was it worth it? Dad had pointed out that it is a great way to actually make friends, but first... He sighed. "Sorry, I was just thinking about starting up a club type thing. Students can do that, right? How would someone go about doing that?"

He really needed a friend with a high charisma stat to handle recruitment for him. This is why adventuring parties have people with varied skills. As he understood the school's houses, most of the charisma-based students were in Crotalus or Pecari. Jasmine was in Crotalus... hmmm... He shifted that thought to the back-burner of his mind to cook away a bit. As for now, he should probably work on improving his own stats, in case all else failed. To that end, he decided to attempt some further social interaction. The simplest way to go about that, he reasoned was to fall back on the cliche formulas for just such an occasion, "So, did you have a good summer?" He asked the girl and almost immediately regretted it. Now she'd respond, and he'd have to figure out something else to say. He was doomed.

  • I'm for it...I think.Amelia Layne, Mon Feb 5 22:20
    The summer had been fairly unremarkable for Amelia and her grandparents, at least until the end of the summer, when it had become a bit more interesting for Granddad and Grandmother. They were both... more
    • You sound... uncertain. — Gary, Tue Feb 6 19:37
      • Just hedging my bets.Amelia, Tue Feb 6 20:53
        The younger kid – Gary, she thought; the House was kind of small, and while Aladrens were known for liking to remain in their own little worlds, it was easy enough to pick up on who people were... more
        • What's the worst that could happen?Gary, Wed Feb 7 19:00
          Gary could feel his eyes widen and jaw begin to drop, while he listened to Amelia run over the suggested steps. He could literally feel the wave of anxiety starting to draw him in before crashing... more
          • Rocks fall, everyone dies.Amelia, Wed Feb 7 19:28
            It did not take Amelia long to realize that her plan for starting a club might not be one suited to Gary’s interests. The look on his face and things he mumbled after she wrapped up were pretty... more
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