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Just hedging my bets.
Tue Feb 6, 2018 20:53

The younger kid – Gary, she thought; the House was kind of small, and while Aladrens were known for liking to remain in their own little worlds, it was easy enough to pick up on who people were generally – seemed down as he talked about what he’d had on his mind. Amelia could sympathize; it seemed like quite the logistical feat, organizing a club.

“I guess I’d start asking around,” she said. “To make sure there was interest, and then I’d talk to the teachers until I found one who’d agree to be sponsor, and then I’d ask the Heads of Houses to put up signs in their common rooms.” There were other places to post fliers, of course, but Amelia knew she tended to look to her own House’s board first. “Then I’d just cross my fingers and hope for the best,” she half-joked. She lacked enemies, which was good, but also the close associates who could drag in their friends and acquaintances and boyfriends’ siblings and objects of blackmail to make sure the thing was a success, which would make a certain amount of luck necessary should she attempt something like that.

“Pretty boring, honestly,” she said of her summer. “It’s too hot to live at home, so it’s just sit around and read and try not to melt most of the time – don’t live in the South on the coast. It’s awful this time of year, and the several months before now. Hope you had a better time?”

  • You sound... uncertain.Gary, Tue Feb 6 19:37
    Gary smiled a little sheepishly at the older girl as he passed her the requested dish. "I was..." He had been where, doing what? I was trying to figure out how to convince some wizards-in-training to ... more
    • Just hedging my bets. — Amelia, Tue Feb 6 20:53
      • What's the worst that could happen?Gary, Wed Feb 7 19:00
        Gary could feel his eyes widen and jaw begin to drop, while he listened to Amelia run over the suggested steps. He could literally feel the wave of anxiety starting to draw him in before crashing... more
        • Rocks fall, everyone dies.Amelia, Wed Feb 7 19:28
          It did not take Amelia long to realize that her plan for starting a club might not be one suited to Gary’s interests. The look on his face and things he mumbled after she wrapped up were pretty... more
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