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I'm not sure that bothers her too much.
Wed Feb 7, 2018 11:29

I don’t think so.

Nathaniel’s eyes widened a little, as though he could not quite believe what he was hearing. Of course he could – Sylvia usually got what she wanted, but not always, nobody always did, and Nathaniel had suspected this was the case himself. That wasn’t the real problem. The real problem was twofold: for one thing, he was going to have to spend all night worrying about it, and for another, more serious thing, the plan – that Sylvia led and Nathaniel let her do the talking, at least until they were sure nobody either knew or at least was going to talk about That Matter – was blown.

“I see,” he said.

Kir was in the same year as Simon. Nathaniel made a note to ask his cousin about his new companion in that case – his tutors were usually of the opinion it was good to check two books. “Simon’s also my cousin,” he said. “His father is my uncle.”

And more than that. Uncle Alexander was the most stable thing, aside from Sylvia, in Nathaniel’s life. Nathaniel knew he and his mother and his brother really owed his uncle everything – Uncle Alexander had his own family, Aunt Avery and his own two children, to take care of, but he had proven the sort of grown-up wizard Nathaniel hoped to be in also taking care of his sister-in-law and his nephews after Father had – after they’d lost Nathaniel’s father. However, this was a great deal more than Nathaniel really wanted to explain to anyone, much less someone he’d just met.

“Simon’s the eldest son of the eldest son, so he’s more important than the rest of us,” added Nathaniel instead, as apparently Teppenpaws were a relaxed lot and Nathaniel wouldn’t necessarily benefit from looking more important than he really was. “He’s told us about Crotalus, but not much about the other Houses – can you tell me more about Teppenpaw?” At least this would relieve Nathaniel of the burden of dancing around what to say and what not to say for a minute or two.

  • But Sylvia isn't hereKir McLeod, Wed Feb 7 06:51
    “I don’t think so,” Kir replied, when Nathaniel said that his cousin planned to ‘sort this out.’ He tried to not immediately jump to the conclusion that said cousin was a spoilt little brat. He... more
    • I'm not sure that bothers her too much. — Nathaniel, Wed Feb 7 11:29
      • Ouch. What kind of family raised kids to believe that one of them was more important than the rest? Well, mental Pureblood ones, obviously, which was part of the reason why his family’s foundation... more
        • “No, not at all,” murmured Nathaniel politely when Kir commented that Teppenpaws didn’t sound like too terrible a group to belong to. He did, however, frown slightly upon hearing that Teppenpaw had a ... more
          • HmmmKir, Wed Feb 14 07:56
            “Well, true,” he acknowledged, when Nathaniel pointed out that there were some people who were more important, like prefects. “I guess some people get given an important job to do, and then that... more
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