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Masha Adin
I donít know that much about food
Wed Feb 7, 2018 12:38

Masha looked while boy carefully pushed the Indian dish to the edge of the plate. At least she did help a little bit. It appeared that he didnít like hot food any more than she did.


That language again. She did recognise the word, however, even if she didnít know the meaning. Definitely European. She heard it loads of times on the streets among groups of tourists.

"Thank you, I mean. I am called Heinrich,"

Masha smiled shyly at the boy. She remembered one time they had to wait for 4h in Munich airport for their flight. She heard that word a lot. Also, boyís name sounded like heís from that part of the world. Panic! She didnít know anything about his country or their customs.

ďЭто нормальноĒ she nodded and then froze. That is what she would reply to her parents, after all ĎItís okí was customary reply to Ďthank youí in her home. But she wasnít at home.
Hoping that boy didnít hear her, she barely whispered the words, after all, she cleared her throat.

ďYou are welcome. Iím Masha.Ē

Masha sighed a breath of relief when she noticed that the boy directed his attention to food again. He was pointing at another rice dish, obviously thinking that she knows something about cooking.

"Is that safe rice? It tastes not spicy hot?"

She glanced at the direction he pointed and shook her head.

ďI think this is plain rice.Ē If he keeps asking about each dish, we will have a problem

She smiled at the boy encouragingly, blushing, wanting him to take the rice and stop asking about food before she runs out of the answers.

OOC: Это нормально - It is normal, which can be used as it's ok in informal surroundings

  • You are probably rightHeinrich Hexenmeister, Sun Feb 4 19:48
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    • I donít know that much about food — Masha Adin, Wed Feb 7 12:38
      • We have that in commonHeinrich Hexenmeister, Sat Feb 10 09:13
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        • What now?Masha Adin, Tue Feb 20 15:37
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