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I blame youthful passions.
Wed Feb 7, 2018 18:03

It was certainly not proper to be seen hanging about Muggles, but Lily took pride that she wasn’t from such a high-profile family that pure-bloods waited thirstily for some sort of scandal to pounce on. Her cousin Rupert, on the other hand, was at the moment dangerously close to being disowned because of his muggle-born fiancée. It was the talk of the family these days – one usually wrought with raised voices and harsh tones – and though Lily did like him very much, she also understood the importance of blood status. It was one thing to flirt around with Muggles and befriend them, but very different to marry one and bring them into one’s family.

“Oh, I never told my mum whose parties they were. She just hated that I was out late at night with strangers she’d never met. Mum’s tried to control me before, but alas I prove to be very stubborn. Don’t tell anyone, it’s not exactly public knowledge.” Lily was rubbish at keeping secrets, but she trusted Ingrid not to spread it around. She didn’t believe anyone would be surprised that she’d been hanging around with Muggles, what with her boyish attire and apparent lack of femininity.

Ingrid’s question reminded Lily that she hadn’t told her the history of the Muggle boys she used to call friends. “Well, London’s a big city and I get bored at home a lot so I go out and explore. I used to go with my brothers, but they’re all grown and whatnot now. I became friends with a group of Muggle boys my age a couple of years ago. We just played sports together, mostly, and I met others from their school through them. My parents have no idea, really, just Adam. The boys kicked me out of their group after some drama happened between me and another boy last winter—most loathsome boy I’ve ever met—but the girls still kept in touch and invited me to hang out with them during the summer. As for their parties, they drink liquor that adults drink, like my dad, except it tastes different from what I had imagined. And they put music on but the way they dance is not something you’d ever see at a ball. I didn’t really know what to do except copy the friends I was with. Others just stand around chatting with their drinks. No one dressed up in fancy robes either. But everyone was very open and friendly, which is why I went back a few times.” There was a certain energy that she did like about it, and she wouldn't mind attending again next summer.

"That’d be brilliant,” said Lily, returning the smile. “I can always use flying tips and I’d be happy to train with you even though we’re in different positions.

“Well look at you, Ingrid,” teased Lily. “Good for you.” If she’d ever gotten with one of Jack’s friends, he would’ve been furious with her. “Yes! I hate it when they do that. Adam doesn’t, but both Charlotte and Jack do that to me all the time. Sometimes it’s the worst being the youngest. What’d Theodore say to you? But more importantly, are you and that college boy still seeing each other?”

  • “Lily Spencer!” Ingrid gasped, as Lily told her about her summer, “Are you serious?” she asked. She couldn’t believe how casually Lily was just dropping the fact that she’d been to Muggle parties.... more
    • I blame youthful passions. — Lily, Wed Feb 7 18:03
      • Chance would be a fine thingIngrid, Wed Feb 14 07:47
        Eek. So Lily had secrets. Secrets she now wanted Ingrid to keep. That wasn’t exactly hard – Ingrid had a limited number of people she could tell, and she wasn’t really all that gossipy, unlike a lot... more
        • Unlike the Muggle girls Lily had spent time with during the summer, she felt a stronger camaraderie with the older witch. Sharing a magical background made her feel less guarded about what she talked ... more
          • HurrahIngrid, Sun Feb 18 06:20
            Lily seemed to be sure she wouldn’t be disowned for her wayward behaviour. Ingrid was still slightly unconvinced. Or rather, even if Lily’s family wouldn’t disown her, that there wouldn’t be other... more
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