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What's the worst that could happen?
Wed Feb 7, 2018 19:00

Gary could feel his eyes widen and jaw begin to drop, while he listened to Amelia run over the suggested steps. He could literally feel the wave of anxiety starting to draw him in before crashing over and drowning him in a panic attack. She was suggesting talking to people, a lot of people. Then after that, to go talk to teachers, and try to convince them that they should back his idea. After that was talking to even more people, the older students and convince them to do something for him. That was all crazy, there was no way he could do that. His eye began to twitch at the thought, all those people... It was a relatively new experience for him, as he wasn't typically prone to panic attacks. That was probably his saving grace. As it had become accustomed to doing with new experiences, his brain suddenly shunted all of that raw emotion to the side for analysis. The result was not unexpected, talking to lots of strangers was not something he was going to be able to do. He did his best to compose himself again. "Sorry about that. I... I'm not sure I'm up for that level of social interaction. Maybe I'll just have to start smaller... an unofficial group of like-minded individuals?" He tried to make a smile. "I'd still have to assess interest and interact with some people..." His mumbled musings continued for a few moments as he stared off into space. Then he shrugged and turned back to the girl whose name he still didn't know, but might have to make an effort to find out sometime. "I'll have to figure something out I guess."

"Too hot?" He nodded at the south coast comment, "Yeah, I could believe that. I'm from around Chicago so we don't quite get those kinds of temperatures. If it was too hot to live at home, did you go somewhere else?" He thought about how his own summer had gone, it had been good to be back home with Dad again. He had started feeling awful homesick by the end of the year. "My summer was pretty good. I don't know if I could use the word boring to describe it, but it was mainly just hanging out with Dad and friends." That cursed demilitch had beaten them again over the summer. One of these days... one of these days...

  • Just hedging my bets.Amelia, Tue Feb 6 20:53
    The younger kid – Gary, she thought; the House was kind of small, and while Aladrens were known for liking to remain in their own little worlds, it was easy enough to pick up on who people were... more
    • What's the worst that could happen? — Gary, Wed Feb 7 19:00
      • Rocks fall, everyone dies.Amelia, Wed Feb 7 19:28
        It did not take Amelia long to realize that her plan for starting a club might not be one suited to Gary’s interests. The look on his face and things he mumbled after she wrapped up were pretty... more
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