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Rocks fall, everyone dies.
Wed Feb 7, 2018 19:28

It did not take Amelia long to realize that her plan for starting a club might not be one suited to Gary’s interests. The look on his face and things he mumbled after she wrapped up were pretty strong hints in that direction, anyway, along with his suggestion of…she wasn’t quite sure what he meant, actually, with his group of like-minded people. Wasn’t that pretty much the definition of a club? Or did he mean to keep it below the radar enough for the teachers not to notice? Now that was an intriguing idea….

Oh, Great Merlin. I really am related to Granddad, aren’t I?

“Stuff you do with people usually does involve interacting with them,” agreed Amelia. “Even Seeking – though most of that involves other people hitting Bludgers at you a lot.” John Umland had either been seriously annoyed with her for not being his dearly departed BFF Clark Dill or - as had been the official case at least - had been of the opinion that bruises would teach her what did and didn’t work with some efficiency. Amelia wasn’t sure if his opinion had been right or not – on one hand, she’d never won anything, but on the other, well, she had gotten rather good at not getting hit before John left school.

“Nope,” laughed Amelia when Gary asked if they had gone somewhere else. “Granddad still works, so we all just have to stay indoors as much as we can and try not to melt. Uncle Geoff says it builds character, if you don’t die of heat stroke first.” She nodded at his description of his summer, which involved a cooler place, a dad, and friends. “That sounds pretty nice,” she said. “I’m guessing you’re from the magical part of the city?” she asked, assuming this on the basis of his mentioning having friends. Friends were items she and Lionel had always sort of been discouraged from having, as most of their neighbors weren’t wizards.

  • What's the worst that could happen?Gary, Wed Feb 7 19:00
    Gary could feel his eyes widen and jaw begin to drop, while he listened to Amelia run over the suggested steps. He could literally feel the wave of anxiety starting to draw him in before crashing... more
    • Rocks fall, everyone dies. — Amelia, Wed Feb 7 19:28
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