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Parker Fitzgerald
Age and Wisdom aren't synonyms but go on
Thu Feb 8, 2018 20:30

Parker looked up from his plate as the boy next to him reached across to grab something. It reminded Parker that there was food in front of him. His mother had told him about needing to eat certain foods if Parker did want to get stronger so he could take a hit when he was home, but Parker couldn’t remember what foods and just wasn't hungry.

His neighbor started talking to him as Parker stared off a bit. Parker laughed at the Transfiguration comment. Transfiguration wasn't his strongest class. Actually it was probably his worst class. Parker turned towards his neighbor for the first time. He recognized the older boy, but not one that he had ever had any long conversations with, but he looked like he had a mischievous nature to him, and Parker liked him in that moment immediately.

"Until last year I didn't even know there was a word called Transfiguration, so I've the zoning out in that down pretty well. Also the looking at others papers from time to time to make sure I didn't miss too much." Parker paused and took a breath and tried to put a smile on his face.

"Sorry for being mopey. Was excited to see someone, and it looks like she might not be here this year which sucks," Parker said as he went for a roll that was in front of him, trying to get himself to eat something.

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    • Age and Wisdom aren't synonyms but go on — Parker Fitzgerald, Thu Feb 8 20:30
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