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I'm pretty determined
Fri Feb 9, 2018 08:01

It was Parker. Of course it was Parker. She hadn’t really thought she could avoid him forever but she’d just wished it so hard that she had almost believed it. Why had she made such a big deal at the bonfire last year about how they’d have to keep hanging out this year? Maybe if she hadn’t, he wouldn’t be expecting to hang out with her now. Maybe they’d have naturally drifted apart being in different grades. But no, here he was. Hanging on. And she couldn’t help but question why… Did he really like her? Had he really missed her? Or was it just the draw of her veela charms? Was that the only thing he’d ever liked about her in the first place? How could she have any kind of relationship with anybody when she didn’t even know if they genuinely liked her or if she’d just somehow forced them into it?

And then he was talking… Chatting away like everything was perfectly normal. Things are not normal, Parker. She didn’t want this sea of words. She would drown. Every single thing he said - talking about summers, meeting people’s sisters, sitting down and eating lunch - they all belonged to normal people. They didn’t belong to her any more. She wasn’t a normal person. She wasn’t a person.

“No,” was the first word out of her mouth, even though it didn’t entirely make sense. But it was what she was feeling. No. No no no, to all of it. Her eyes were filling with tears. The ghost had attempted to casually drift nearer to her and Parker. What had it been warned to be on the lookout for? Anyone being overly drawn to her? Anyone upsetting her? “I can’t. I don’t want- I don’t want to stay for lunch, and I can’t be around you right now. I don’t want to be around anybody,” she added, attempting some semblance of explanation - not that it was much. It was ‘It’s not you, it’s me.’ She knew she couldn’t make him understand or not feel bad, and her attempts at in anyway mitigating that were so small as to be laughable. Well, whoever thought monsters would make nice, caring friends? It was only in keeping that she couldn’t spare a human’s feelings very well.

She made to step around him. And, unless he planned on physically stopping her, continuing on outside.

OOC - so, unless he physically stops her, you can assume in your post that she’s hightailing it out of there.

  • Ya, that's not going to happen here...Parker Fitzgerald, Thu Feb 8 20:56
    Parker had started to actually eat again, after talking to Kyte though not as much as he normally would have. At breakfast he had eaten a lot more, but missing almost an entire day of meals meant he... more
    • I'm pretty determined — Cleo, Fri Feb 9 08:01
      • What...just happened?Parker, Fri Feb 9 09:56
        Her words and her rushed aside were so fast that Parker stood still for a few seconds trying to understand what was happening. He wondered if this was what it was like when he had to distance himself ... more
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