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What...just happened?
Fri Feb 9, 2018 09:56

Her words and her rushed aside were so fast that Parker stood still for a few seconds trying to understand what was happening.

He wondered if this was what it was like when he had to distance himself from his friends back home, and then didn't show up for school. He hadn't actually written to any of them for a long time, or tried to meet up with them when he was back. He felt like maybe he was getting his comeupance for doing something similar to his former friends.

He turned around to speak after her, but she was already gone, and her last words about not wanting to be around anyone rung in his ears.

As he saw one of the ghost floating away, he turned to it not knowing if they would actually respond and said, "I didn't just imagine that interaction, correct? She seemed...scared."

Parker walked back over to his table in a daze. He sat mindlessly eating his food replaying the short events in his head. Maybe he had said too much too fast. But Cleo had never been upset by it before. As a matter of fact, at the bonfire she had been the one to come out with a trainful of words first.
He kept thinking about how Cleo had had tears in her eyes. She had said she couldn't stay before she said she didn't want to stay. What made someone not be able to stay and have food and talk? Was she sick in someway?

That would be why she couldn't be around anyone. She was sick. And if she was sick, he would respect her wishes for needing to be alone. He would ask Professor X or Oh my O'Malley if they could think of anything to help make her feel better. They probably already knew she was sick, but Parker wanted to be proactive and let Cleo know her friends hadn't forgotten her.

In the mean time, Parker decided he would need to write letters. First to his friends from home, apologizing for simply disappearing. Then to Cleo. Just cause she didn't want to see him, didn't mean they couldn't talk. His sister after all was always texting people, they could do the same. Or at least the magical equivalent.

  • I'm pretty determinedCleo, Fri Feb 9 08:01
    It was Parker. Of course it was Parker. She hadn’t really thought she could avoid him forever but she’d just wished it so hard that she had almost believed it. Why had she made such a big deal at the ... more
    • What...just happened? — Parker, Fri Feb 9 09:56
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