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That’s with me not being there, not her not being here.
Sun Feb 11, 2018 00:28

“No, not at all,” murmured Nathaniel politely when Kir commented that Teppenpaws didn’t sound like too terrible a group to belong to. He did, however, frown slightly upon hearing that Teppenpaw had a reputation for being soft. That was no good. He had to be strong, always. He had responsibilities now.

But what if I can’t? What if I’m just – like that? What if some people are just like that, and Father was one, and now I’m one?

No. He couldn’t think like that. He was not like his father. He would be strong, be a real wizard. If there had been something wrong with his father, some illness in his head or something, it would have been like Mama’s headaches: they would have taken care of him and tried to keep him comfortable and away from things that could make it worse. Instead, though, Father had been cast into the outer darkness, rejected altogether, and this was because he had been weak and done bad things. Nathaniel would not be like him.

“But some are,” said Nathaniel when Kir remarked that he didn’t generally believe that some people were more important than others. That statement made him rather uncomfortable – it was only the ‘generally’ which remotely saved it. If there weren’t some people who were – well, not more important to him, or to anyone, emotionally, but more important than others – then everything would be chaos. Uncle Alexander had been raised to lead and he was therefore able to take care of them all. Of course, Sylvia made a better leader than Simon, but – well, there had to be rules, and Simon was the one with the rights and right education. “Like the ones with badges,” he added, to keep it technically about Teppenpaw and the school.

  • Ouch. What kind of family raised kids to believe that one of them was more important than the rest? Well, mental Pureblood ones, obviously, which was part of the reason why his family’s foundation... more
    • That’s with me not being there, not her not being here. — Nathaniel , Sun Feb 11 00:28
      • HmmmKir, Wed Feb 14 07:56
        “Well, true,” he acknowledged, when Nathaniel pointed out that there were some people who were more important, like prefects. “I guess some people get given an important job to do, and then that... more
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