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And so schastlivyi to be ici
Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:41

Jehan was relieved to hear Dorian was okay now, but still a little concerned. Dorian’s happiness to see him didn’t seem to be simply a dramatic ‘I missed you so much’, but more like there was some sort of problem. And he didn’t want his Dorian to be sad or upset in any way. But then Dorian explained that he had hurt himself for more, so perhaps that was the explanation, and there was no need to worry. Dorian being okay now also meant that there was no need to weep at his bedside as he lay in a weakened state, or maybe even unconscious, which would have been delightfully tragic, but perhaps wasn’t the ideal scenario once you considered that Dorian was a real live human being, and not just a storybook character. Jehan didn’t actually want Dorian to be in a weakened state, or maybe even unconscious.

He smiled back at Dorian, feeling a special moment between them that partially made up for the fact that Dorian had ended the hug, and then turned his attention back to his other friend. And oh! She’d bought him a present! He beamed at her, happy to have been remembered in her summer fun.

“Thank you,” he said, unwrapping the present and somehow widening his smile at the contents within. Despite his hands now being full, he wrapped his arms round her in a spontaneous hug, always one for showing his affection. “You’re better than Snegurochka,” he assured her, feeling very loved and content. He had the best friends.

The present would also help with improving his Russian, something he was determined to focus on even more this year. His French wasn’t too bad, and hadn’t slipped too much over the summer, due to visiting Dorian, and also talking with his grandmother in French. She’d moved over from France centuries ago (or so it seemed), when she’d married his grandfather, and enjoyed speaking French with her grandson. His Russian, however, was much more basic in comparison, and he wanted to be able to speak more with Tatya in her native tongue.

OOC: enjoy the franglassian - I'm terribly sorry about it haha! Also apologies that Jehan was feeling more smiley and huggy than talkative, I realise I haven't given vous much to go off!

  • You're homeDorian, Wed Jan 31 06:17
    “Same. And try to be mostly English when Jehan visits,” he nodded, as Tatya talked about the linguistics of her holidays. He had mentioned Jehan coming to visit in his letters to her, along with the... more
    • And so schastlivyi to be ici — Jehan, Tue Feb 13 12:41
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