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Wed Feb 14, 2018 07:56

“Well, true,” he acknowledged, when Nathaniel pointed out that there were some people who were more important, like prefects. “I guess some people get given an important job to do, and then that might mean they get treated a certain way. I think prefects have their own lounge, and stuff like that… But there’s other ways where they’re still not more important than other people. Their feelings, their ambitions - what they want out of life.

“It just sounded like you were putting yourself down, that’s all,” he added, deciding that they might be getting a bit too philosophical for a first day back. “And I know if my parents heard me saying that I was more important than my sister, I’d get a massive lecture.” There’s families out there where being the oldest boy doesn’t get you everything handed to you on a plate, he added to himself, but decided to just leave implied for now.

“So, uh, is there anything you’re particularly looking forward to at school?” he asked, trying to shift the conversation to a less controversial area, unless it turned out he was mistaken and Nathaniel wanted to go there. “The house team needs Quidditch players, if that interests you.”

  • “No, not at all,” murmured Nathaniel politely when Kir commented that Teppenpaws didn’t sound like too terrible a group to belong to. He did, however, frown slightly upon hearing that Teppenpaw had a ... more
    • Hmmm — Kir, Wed Feb 14 07:56
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