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Beau Tate
Thu Feb 15, 2018 23:21

Beau stood with the other first years, looking a tad bit bored. The tour and orientation had seemed like one massive info dump that he just didn't need. His sister went here, his mother had gone here. His aunts and uncles and grandparents. Et cetera.

Okay, the Sorting ceremony was different than the one his mother or sister had had, but it wasn't as if he didn't know about it. While he waited impatiently, Beau considered the houses. Aladren and Crotalus were out. They sounded boring and his sister was in the latter. He didn't really get on with Arianna well and was often torn between staying out of her way and winding her up. It just depended on his mood.

And Teppenpaw just didn't seem like it would suit him. They sounded too....goody-two-shoes. Also boring. Pecari definitely sounded the most fun. Besides, Arianna didn't seem to like them much so that made it much more appealing. Yeah, Pecari was the place to be.

His turn finally came and he dunked his badge. Beau pulled it out of the potion and took a look. Brown! Yes! Pecari he came!

He sat down across from the other new Pecari and let the Headmaster finish talking, nearly gagging as prefects were announced. Who would see fit to give Arianna power? Were they all crazy or had she manipulated them into it? Beau would certainly not put it past her to do the latter. She probably had but the next few years before she graduated were going to massively suck with her lording it over him and everyone else.

At least he didn't have to be in the same house for her. Which Beau would be eternally grateful for.

He was looking over his options for dinner when his apparent roommate spoke up and introduced himself. Beau tried not to snicker. Mikey?? Who over the age of five would go by Mikey ?? Presumably the boy was named Michael which was a perfectly normal thing to go by-in fact it was Beau's middle name-or even Mike. Mike was much cooler.

Still, he replied. " Nice to meet you. I'm Beau Tate of the Napa Valley Tates." Introductions always provided a bit of a challenge for him, honestly. First of all, his full name was Beauregard, but he didn't really want people to know that because it was an incredibly stupid name, though right now, he was glad his parents named him that and not Michael because that would get confusing. At least Beau had a name he could shorten, which was the best thing about it.

Furthermore, he actually lived in Jamaica, not Napa Valley. His father's family lived in Napa Valley where they owned a winery so that was the proper branch. "I live in Jamaica though." This bit Beau always tried to clarify. "Colorado, you say? I have relatives there."

  • Any other new Pecaris?Michael DiCaprio, Sun Jan 28 21:34
    Michael had never been the quiet type—far from it, actually. He liked being known as the chatterbox even though he knew it was supposed to be an insult. But this, this was something totally... more
    • Yes. — Beau Tate, Thu Feb 15 23:21
      • Thought I was the only one for awhileMikey, Tue Feb 20 23:36
        Mikey was able to keep a straight face when his new roommate introduced himself. Beau was the weirdest name he'd ever heard for a guy. The only Beau he knew was his neighbor's female dog. She was... more
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