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Sun Feb 18, 2018 06:20

Lily seemed to be sure she wouldn’t be disowned for her wayward behaviour. Ingrid was still slightly unconvinced. Or rather, even if Lily’s family wouldn’t disown her, that there wouldn’t be other serious consequences to lying, drinking with Muggles and kissing unsuitable boys. She guessed she just had to hope for the best.

“They’re not that bad,” she laughed, when Lily said she’d run away. “I mean, ok, if I had to live with Theodore ruling my life? Then yeah, maybe. But he doesn’t. He can tell me what to do until he’s blue in the face but it doesn’t mean I’m going to do it. I don’t think my parents have a problem with me dating Freddie, they just didn’t want us getting up to mischief.

“I don’t think it sounds.. uh, mental,” she replied, echoing Lily’s choice of words. She would have thought Lily was more mental if she had done it with a boy she barely knew. And it wasn’t mental to feel like she was doing something wrong when, essentially, she was. She’d lied to her family and got with a Muggle. Ingrid was pretty sure she’d have a guilty conscience about that if she’d done it. “Maybe you felt like that cos it involved sneaking around? Even if you don’t really care what your mother thinks, it’s still probably going to make you feel a bit weird on some level, right?” she asked, trying to phrase her thoughts into a slightly less accusatory tone.Mostly snogged. Lily wanted adventure but Alex was into the other stuff. They hadn’t done it but… well, there were a few levels between snogging and doing it, although she figured that Lily had told her as much as she wanted to. And she wasn’t sure she wanted to really hear whether Lily had done any other things. She just wanted to know what other girls of a similar age to her were willing to do with the guys they liked so that she could know whether she herself was a slut or a prude (and whether there was actually any comfortable area in the middle where you weren’t either), but preferably without having to have that actual conversation cos it was still kind of embarrassing.

“I’m glad,” she said, when Lily said she felt better for sharing. “It’s nice for me too. Swing by my room any time you want a chat. It’s only me and Mischief so we’ll always have privacy - unless she gossips to the other cats,” she smiled.

  • Unlike the Muggle girls Lily had spent time with during the summer, she felt a stronger camaraderie with the older witch. Sharing a magical background made her feel less guarded about what she talked ... more
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