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Masha Adin
What now?
Tue Feb 20, 2018 15:37

The boy thanked Masha and then he said:

"I am from Germany,"

Germany! A country in Europe. I don’t know anything about Germany!

Masha was starting to panic. The only bit of good news was that the boy didn’t seem offended so far by anything she said or done. She smiled shyly at him and nodded, losing great deal of her confidence.

"My German still comes out sometimes, too. What language was that? Where come you from?" asked the boy.

He seemed friendly, but his questions were the reason for Masha to start panicking again. First in the Gardens girl asked her about blood now this! She tried to smile again but failed. Masha had no idea how to explain where is she from.

For a brief time, she contemplated not to answer, but that seemed rude. Finally, she opted to reply to the easiest of two questions.

“That was Russian. My parents are from Russia. We speak Russian at home.” She tried to smile again, uncertain how to explain next “Ummm….I’m born in Egypt, but we don’t live there or in Russia. We… ummmm …. Move a lot. Because of my mama’s work.”

She closed her eyes briefly and peeked at the boy. Masha had no idea where she is coming from - the question never arose until now. She supposed she is Russian because of her parents or maybe Egyptian because it was written on her passport. She could always say that she is resident of the World, but that seemed like a bit too much to say.

Holding her breath she hoped that the boy won’t mind her vague answer. At the same time the boy...Heinrich was fine and polite, even if he did ask unpleasant questions. In a way it was much easier to connect with kids here - they seemed more open and not so stuck on customs.

She smiled at the boy again. Maybe she had at least some prospect of finding friends here.

  • We have that in commonHeinrich Hexenmeister, Sat Feb 10 09:13
    His very first thought when the other first year spoke and said something completely incomprehensible was that it couldn't possibly be even English. Much of English was incomprehensible to him, but... more
    • What now? — Masha Adin, Tue Feb 20 15:37
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