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Thought I was the only one for awhile
Tue Feb 20, 2018 23:36

Mikey was able to keep a straight face when his new roommate introduced himself. Beau was the weirdest name he'd ever heard for a guy. The only Beau he knew was his neighbor's female dog. She was nice, though kinda lazy, and Mikey had always thought the name fit her. Hopefully Beau would grow on him for his roommate too.

"You're from Jamaica? That's sweet," Mikey said. When he thought about that country, he imagined endless beaches, reggae music, and dark-skinned Jamaicans. Beau did not look like a native of Jamaica physically, but maybe his family was rich and could afford a cool mansion over there or something. If he had a house in Napa Valley, where his gramps liked to get his wines from, and lived in Jamaica, he had to be from a rich family.

"Yeah, I'm from Denver, the capital. I have family in California too, except they're in Los Angeles." His younger uncle was an actor there and his nonna had worked in the entertainment industry too. "I always visit them in the summer and in December during Christmas."

Apparently the house his nonna lived in had been passed down for a couple generations, so his dad sometimes talked about eventually moving to LA to be with her when she got even older. Mikey hoped that never happened because LA was too dirty, hot, and sorely lacking in greenery. It was nice going to the beach and playing in the ocean during the summer, but definitely not to live there. He would miss the snow too much too, and the mountains!

The mac and cheese was alright, but not quite enough so Mikey poured himself some tomato soup.

"You're the first person I've met from Jamaica," he said. "Do you guys live on the beach? Is it always hot there?" Mikey didn't know where the country was on a map, but he'd heard of it enough as a tropical vacation destination that he knew a tiny bit about it.

  • Yes.Beau Tate, Thu Feb 15 23:21
    Beau stood with the other first years, looking a tad bit bored. The tour and orientation had seemed like one massive info dump that he just didn't need. His sister went here, his mother had gone... more
    • Thought I was the only one for awhile — Mikey, Tue Feb 20 23:36
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