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Wish I was
Thu Feb 22, 2018 05:19

“O-ok,” Georgia nodded, when Joe assured her he hadn’t made the teacup do that. “I don’t think you did,” she assured him. To be fair, it had been her first thought, and had nearly made her just run away in sheer mortification. But Joe couldn’t have known that she was thinking about the Quidditch team (could he? Was it that obvious? Did she somehow reek of desperate wanting-to-belongness?). The things that the teacup had said had been her thoughts. But she hadn’t exactly wanted them broadcast, and whatever was going on with the rest of the place settings had happened before she got there.

“I heard it, but well… hearing a teacup yelling my anx- stuff about me means I’m not really willing to swear to my own sanity right now,” she responded, when he questioned whether he was losing his mind. He then stood up and yelled at the room at large, which she normally thought wasn’t something most sane people did but sort of felt was justified right now - her own irritating with the teacup was mounting as it continued to mock her - even if she didn’t particularly think it would help. Whoever was doing this was probably getting a kick out of seeing his reaction. And who was doing it?

Her first thought was Jozua. He was probably annoyed at her over the whole Transfiguration thing, even though all she’d done was be dragged into it against her will by Professor Skies, but teenagers could be so vindictive and petty, and he could scarcely take his annoyance out on the Deputy Head herself (although it seemed like someone in the class had tried to). And he’d know she’d been reserve last year, and might have been able to put two and two together with him approaching Joe. But Joe was his teammate, so why mess with him? Lily might be mad at her about Jozua too, but again, what did she have against Joe?

“Made any enemies?” she asked him.

Throughout the scene, the teacup had continued to mock her. For all that she’d thought Joe had told it that it wasn’t a ridiculous idea, well… there was a lot going on, and she wasn’t sure he’d meant it, rather than just… yelling at the teacup because it was being infuriating. Besides which, it was really hard to shift the idea that...

“Look at her though,” the cup was laughing, “Imagine her fat backside on a broom. It’s like having an elephant try to fly.”

“Shut up!” Georgia yelled. Afterwards, she reflected, magic might have been a reasonable solution. Finite might well have worked, or silencio. What she actually did was pick up the teacup and fling it with all her strength at the floor. Whilst the cups were charmed to be protected against everyday knocks and drops, being flung with force was a different matter, and it shattered. Georgia stared slightly horror struck, trying not see the tea pooling onto the floor as blood and herself as a psychopath who’d just committed murder.

“I don’t-” she was going to say ‘I don’t normally kill people for calling me fat’ but she hadn’t killed anyone. She had broken a cup. “I… Sorry about your tea. I’m not crazy. Usually. I wouldn’t do that to a person. Even if they- It was just a teacup. A very annoying teacup.”

  • No kidding.Joe, Tue Feb 20 11:39
    Joe did not know Georgia Kirkly personally, but the facts he did know about her – singer, the new House prefect – did make him somewhat doubt she’d have any particular reason to try to block his... more
    • Wish I was — Georgia, Thu Feb 22 05:19
      • Is everything under control here?Professor Xavier, Thu Feb 22 10:53
        Nathan had first noticed the trouble brewing at the Teppenpaw table when a small fort of plates and dishes and cutlery and food formed around Joe Umland. Then Georgia Kirkly walked over, and he... more
        • I have cause for doubt, sir.Joe, Thu Feb 22 13:32
          Joe thought, he really did, but he honestly could not think of anything he had done recently which would make another person consider him an enemy. “No,” he said. “Unless you count the Headmaster,... more
          • Joe’s main enemy was the headmaster? Wow. That was hardcore. She did recall hearing a rumour that Joe had punched the man once, but had dismissed that as being completely wild and crazy. But perhaps... more
            • Keep calm and carry onNathan Xavier, Wed Feb 28 10:01
              Nathan listened to first Joe then Georgia explain the situation with varying degrees of clarity. The take away seemed to be that someone had charmed Joe’s teacup to say mean things about Georgia, but ... more
              • Joe tried not show any particular reaction after hearing all the things Georgia had to add to his description of what had happened this morning and what they didn’t know about what had caused it, but ... more
                • Georgia nodded her assurances that she would keep an eye out, whilst definitely resolving to keep her head down and avoid noticing as much as possible. They were being pranked without having done... more
                  • Try tea glasses?Joe, Fri Mar 2 12:34
                    “Not really options for me,” joked Joe. “Dad drinks coffee, but I think my mom would disown any of us kids who gave up tea.” Especially if they then took up coffee. Tea stimulated and soothed all at... more
                    • “Wow, your family sound strict,” Georgia joked when Joe mentioned that tea was basically mandatory. “I don’t really like coffee much either so I guess I’ll just go for being a bit dozy sometimes.... more
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