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I have cause for doubt, sir.
Thu Feb 22, 2018 13:32

Joe thought, he really did, but he honestly could not think of anything he had done recently which would make another person consider him an enemy. “No,” he said. “Unless you count the Headmaster, but that was years ago,” he amended. Not that distaste couldn’t have an incredibly long memory, but he didn’t read Brockert that way. If Brockert wanted to get him, he’d probably play it a lot more subtly than this. “Have you?”

Before she could answer, though, their current problem chirped up again, and this time, Joe recoiled and automatically felt for his own wand at the violence of Georgia’s reaction to it. A moment later it occurred to him that this was stupid – she hadn’t thrown the cup at him, after all, so….

“Right,” said Joe, struggling to remember his sense of proportion. It was a weird morning, not helped by his having been startled before anything else even started, but there were – logical explanations. Even if it was slightly unnerving that Georgia felt the need to clarify that she wouldn’t smash a person if she had the chance.

“I’ll definitely agree with you about very annoying,” he said.

He took out his wand, thinking to repair the cup and clean up the spill, but before he could, it began reassembling itself without his involvement. Then he winced when he recognized a teacher’s voice Summoning it. Oh, no; he was going to catch it now….

Professor Xavier’s tone suggested he was at least willing to accept the possibility that Joe and Georgia had not decided to become public enemies for the heck of it this morning, though, and Joe latched onto that sliver of hope for his reputation even as he very gingerly reaccepted the teacup, half-afraid it would begin talking again, or bite him, or melt, or something else, because that was how this morning was going apparently.

“I have no idea, sir,” he said. “I was reading a letter from home, and when I finished it, I looked up and I was surrounded – and then my teacup started, er, being rude to Georgia – and I’m pretty sure I don’t have any enemies?” This was stated as more of a question than Joe should have liked, but he could hardly accuse the Headmaster and he really couldn’t think of anyone else who’d have it in for him. He could have bought another Quidditch captain doing it to him the morning before a match or something, maybe, if that person was sufficiently motivated and petty, but today was just a completely ordinary day, or had started out that way.

  • Is everything under control here?Professor Xavier, Thu Feb 22 10:53
    Nathan had first noticed the trouble brewing at the Teppenpaw table when a small fort of plates and dishes and cutlery and food formed around Joe Umland. Then Georgia Kirkly walked over, and he... more
    • I have cause for doubt, sir. — Joe, Thu Feb 22 13:32
      • Joe’s main enemy was the headmaster? Wow. That was hardcore. She did recall hearing a rumour that Joe had punched the man once, but had dismissed that as being completely wild and crazy. But perhaps... more
        • Keep calm and carry onNathan Xavier, Wed Feb 28 10:01
          Nathan listened to first Joe then Georgia explain the situation with varying degrees of clarity. The take away seemed to be that someone had charmed Joe’s teacup to say mean things about Georgia, but ... more
          • Joe tried not show any particular reaction after hearing all the things Georgia had to add to his description of what had happened this morning and what they didn’t know about what had caused it, but ... more
            • Georgia nodded her assurances that she would keep an eye out, whilst definitely resolving to keep her head down and avoid noticing as much as possible. They were being pranked without having done... more
              • Try tea glasses?Joe, Fri Mar 2 12:34
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                • “Wow, your family sound strict,” Georgia joked when Joe mentioned that tea was basically mandatory. “I don’t really like coffee much either so I guess I’ll just go for being a bit dozy sometimes.... more
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