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Weird stuff keeps happening... but this is good weir
Thu Mar 1, 2018 12:20

Parker was eating breakfast by himself, more than a little embarrassed about the exploding gym and the bird-fish he'd...created? It was all too much, and though he wanted to talk to someone about it, he didn't know who. He couldn't talk to his sister about it since she'd talk to his mom about it, and he didn't even know how long it would take him to write a letter to Cleo who had not written back yet.

Parker was beginning to realize he needed to have more friends because, well, he needed to talk to someone about what was happening. He knew that younger wizards had accidents, and Cleo had mentioned that she'd had problems with fire before, but she'd never mentioned being a walking bomb. A bomb...was that what he was now? Parker wasn't sure, but he also didn't know how to talk about it without sounding scary. He knew one thing for sure, he was not going to tell his mom. This would just be another example for her of him not being human.

He was mid-bite into his eggs when someone walked up to him and said, "Thank's for the feather."

Parker almost choked. Strike that, he did, a little. Cleo was standing in front of him. If he could have willed it moments before, he would have. His mind immediately wanted to say a few thousand things, but he was having problems because there was egg stuck in his throat. When she asked if she could join him for breakfast he moved over and nodded vigorously, trying to get his breath back.

He was finally able clear his throat.

"Sorry. A bit of egg," he said indicating his throat with his fork.

"And you aren't a jerk. I thought you..." Parker trailed off, not knowing what he had thought. That maybe she hadn't wanted to be his friend had crossed his mind, but it was more that she was sick of some way, especially after talking to Professor X.

He looked up at Cleo, "Either way, I'm glad you liked the feather. My friend said giving an eagle feather is the highest honor you can give in his tribe, and that the feather connects to the bird which takes your wishes to the world of spirits. I thought it a fitting gift." Parker smiled at Cleo. He had been right at the beginning of the year, he felt comfortable again, even if he was now rambling.

  • A happy accident (tag Parker)Cleo James, Thu Mar 1 08:41
    Cleo missed Parker, and Professor Xavier. She missed people, even though she wasn’t one. People were what she was used to, and it wasn’t like there was a thriving half veela community looking to take ... more
    • Weird stuff keeps happening... but this is good weir — Parker, Thu Mar 1 12:20
      • I'm good weird?Cleo , Fri Mar 2 09:24
        He was… choking. Which wasn’t great. Though he moved up and made space for her, nodding enthusiastically whilst he did so. Cleo settled into the seat, staring at him with a mixture of affection and... more
        • From where I am sitting, yes.Parker, Sun Mar 4 11:52
          Her mother? Parker searched his brain for any past talks about her mother and really couldn't find any. He remembered her talking about her father, and he thought she had said she didn't know her... more
          • But I'm making everyone explodeCleo, Tue Mar 6 05:00
            At first, everything felt good. Parker was just chatting, and Cleo was relishing the idea of getting back to normal. She’d obviously succeeded at mending the rift she’d caused. But then the... more
            • Something seemed off. It seemed like Cleo was nervous or hiding something again. It almost seemed as if she thought it was her fault that Parker had literally exploded. But no, that couldn't be since ... more
              • Just... not literally, please?Cleo, Mon Mar 19 08:21
                “Mm, maybe,” Cleo nodded, trying to smile along with Parker’s joke, although she still felt worried about what was happening to him. Her smile became much more relaxed when he promised he would talk... more
                • When Cleo asked who he was thinking of Parker blanked on the name. He knew she was kind, that she was very good at her job, but for the life of him the name simply wouldn't come to his head. It was... more
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