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From where I am sitting, yes.
Sun Mar 4, 2018 11:52

Her mother? Parker searched his brain for any past talks about her mother and really couldn't find any. He remembered her talking about her father, and he thought she had said she didn't know her mother.

If she had found something out that had spooked even the teachers, making him think she was sick, well then, beyond complicated was right.

And then, just like that, Cleo was back to her old self. A million questions about life flowing at him. Parker smiled. He'd missed this, this ability to just talk with someone, not worrying how they might react. Until Cleo's questions came pouring out, he hadn't realized how much he'd missed it.

"Umm summer was good. Dinner was not filling. And since I turned a box into a birdfish Charms has been a bit difficult," Parker paused just a second, trying to get the words right for the next bit. "Also, I appear to have blown up a MARS room, kind of."

Suddenly the words just started coming out of Parker's mouth. He talked about how he had felt weird and lots of pent up energy so he had gone to MARS for the first time, how he had been exercising and thoughts of home had come to him, how it had only excited him more and more until he couldn't take it anymore and closed his eyes. When he opened them he was calm, but it looked like he had been standing in the middle of a bomb blast, and then Jouza had walked in.

"That's when he said, 'And I thought I was having problems'." Parker let out a long breath. He felt a bit drained, but felt better for talking to someone about it.

"I'm sorry, it's not what you were expecting from our first conversation of the year," he said turning back to his plate of food, focusing on just moving it around, not eating it, "I... I just don't know if I'm going to blow up again, this time around someone else or in a class. And if that would hurt other people.It's all a bit scary."

He'd said it out loud. There was something about having said it out loud that made it slightly easier to deal with, but not less scary.

  • I'm good weird?Cleo , Fri Mar 2 09:24
    He was… choking. Which wasn’t great. Though he moved up and made space for her, nodding enthusiastically whilst he did so. Cleo settled into the seat, staring at him with a mixture of affection and... more
    • From where I am sitting, yes. — Parker, Sun Mar 4 11:52
      • But I'm making everyone explodeCleo, Tue Mar 6 05:00
        At first, everything felt good. Parker was just chatting, and Cleo was relishing the idea of getting back to normal. She’d obviously succeeded at mending the rift she’d caused. But then the... more
        • Something seemed off. It seemed like Cleo was nervous or hiding something again. It almost seemed as if she thought it was her fault that Parker had literally exploded. But no, that couldn't be since ... more
          • Just... not literally, please?Cleo, Mon Mar 19 08:21
            “Mm, maybe,” Cleo nodded, trying to smile along with Parker’s joke, although she still felt worried about what was happening to him. Her smile became much more relaxed when he promised he would talk... more
            • When Cleo asked who he was thinking of Parker blanked on the name. He knew she was kind, that she was very good at her job, but for the life of him the name simply wouldn't come to his head. It was... more
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