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But I'm making everyone explode
Tue Mar 6, 2018 05:00

At first, everything felt good. Parker was just chatting, and Cleo was relishing the idea of getting back to normal. She’d obviously succeeded at mending the rift she’d caused. But then the conversation took a more disturbing turn, as Parker started talking about blowing things up.

It’s me, was her first thought. She was, after all, some kind of fireball bird thing that made men go crazy. It was understandable that this mental barrier was one that was hard to get past, and that the unusual fire-related accidents of the year were rather exacerbating it. Plus she had the ego of an only child which, strict as her daddy had been about not pouting her lip and throwing temper tantrums, meant she was pretty used to constructing a worldview that revolved entirely around herself.

“Uh. Yeah, he has been,” she nodded, in reference to Jozua, because having been in those classes, it was an easy starting point to react on. “He… he did some spark things, and a big fire. But no one got hurt,” she added, reassuringly. “There’s… there’s been a few things like that lately in class. Not just him,” she added, feeling guilty. She should tell Parker that it wasn’t his fault but she didn’t want it be hers either… “I guess maybe it’s just… a thing that happens?” she added unconvincingly. “I mean, I had quite a few fires in my second year,” she added. She knew that wasn’t really relevant because it didn’t make it normal for it to happen to a human, but Parker didn’t know any different right now, and she wanted him to be less freaked out.

“I guess…. maybe talk to a teacher if you’re concerned?” she asked. It was super lame advice and she knew it but she honestly had no idea what else to suggest. She didn’t know whether Parker was really having problems, or whether everyone went through this, or whether it was her that was doing something to everyone. “I’m sure you wouldn’t hurt anyone though,” she added, very genuinely. “And what do you mean you made a bird-fish?” she added curiously. “Like… a real one?”

  • From where I am sitting, yes.Parker, Sun Mar 4 11:52
    Her mother? Parker searched his brain for any past talks about her mother and really couldn't find any. He remembered her talking about her father, and he thought she had said she didn't know her... more
    • But I'm making everyone explode — Cleo, Tue Mar 6 05:00
      • Something seemed off. It seemed like Cleo was nervous or hiding something again. It almost seemed as if she thought it was her fault that Parker had literally exploded. But no, that couldn't be since ... more
        • Just... not literally, please?Cleo, Mon Mar 19 08:21
          “Mm, maybe,” Cleo nodded, trying to smile along with Parker’s joke, although she still felt worried about what was happening to him. Her smile became much more relaxed when he promised he would talk... more
          • When Cleo asked who he was thinking of Parker blanked on the name. He knew she was kind, that she was very good at her job, but for the life of him the name simply wouldn't come to his head. It was... more
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