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Jehan Callahan and Luke Powell
And you don't even like boys
Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:37

After his first experience of heartbreak, Jehan had indulged in tragic sorrow for exactly 6.5 hours. He’d taken the first opportunity he’d had to leave the MARS room, without making it obvious that he was fleeing from Dorian. The evening had been spent reading the most tragic poems he could find in his books, and then writing some of his own, the kind that he’d reread ten years later with an odd mix of hilarity, concern, and pride.

However, after several hours of this kind of behaviour, he had come to a realisation. Sitting on his bed, surrounded by books, crumpled pieces of parchment, and a soggy handkerchief, he decided that he was looking at love completely wrong. What he really wanted, Jehan reasoned, was not Dorian. Dorian was wonderful. Dorian was his best friend, his rock, his mirror. But he wasn’t what Jehan should want from love.

What Jehan really wanted was somebody older. Somebody stronger, somebody to sweep him off his feet, both figuratively and literally. Somebody handsome, rugged, perhaps a little controversial. Someone who was different to him, because wasn’t your true love meant to be your other half, the other piece that would compliment your personality, complete the jigsaw, rather than mirror what was already inside yourself?

Annoyingly, he was a little limited at Sonora. A small school meant a small pool of people to fall in love with, but Jehan was a romantic. Anything was possible, where love was involved, and what better way to start falling in love than to ask someone to the ball? Yes, he’d already tried that with Dorian, with unfortunate consequences, but he’d got it all wrong. Dorian was meant to be his best friend, and nothing more.

It was with this new outlook on his love life that Jehan approached Luke Powell outside Cascade Hall one afternoon. Luke was older, taller, and he surfed, which was so cool. He was muscular, and handsome, and just Jehan’s type.

“Excuse me?” he called, trying to get Luke’s attention and slightly wondering why he’d thought this might work. Still, it was too late to back down now.

“I, um, was thinking, um-” he broke off, sighing slightly in exasperation at himself and looking up at Luke. “Would you like to go to the ball with me?”

It took Luke a moment to realise that the kid was addressing him and he glanced around multiple times to double and triple check. Then he looked around again for the younger boy’s friends, expecting to see a bunch of sniggering lowerclassmen lurking nearby as they watched their unfortunate friend do the dare they had given him. He couldn’t see them but his mind wasn’t willing to admit there was an alternative reason for this bizarre scenario.

Luke just laughed, not in an unkind manner but in one that suggested he really didn’t know how to respond. “Very funny,” he nodded, hoping that would be all and he could continue on his way.

Jehan frowned. This wasn’t going as he’d hoped, but the younger boy was too stubborn to save what was left of his pride. He’d started this, and he was going to see it through.

“I’m serious,” he replied, standing his ground and hoping Luke would believe him. “I’m aware that you might not be, er, interested in boys, but you never know til you ask, right?” He bit his bottom lip nervously, prepared for judgement.

Luke was surprised by the younger boy’s response. Part of him was prepared to tell him to skedaddle, still sceptical about it being a joke and not wanting to look like a fool, but something about the kid seemed so honest and he worried he would embarrass or upset him if it wasn’t a prank.

“Oh,” Luke began slowly, not being the most diplomatic of people but sincerely wishing he was right now. “I’m afraid I already have plans for the ball… But hey, I, um, I admire your bravery - I’m sure you’ll find someone.” The fourth year had no idea if he was saying the right thing or not but he didn’t want to be rude to the boy so was trying his best to let him down gently. Luke did not agree with prejudice and found himself being rather impressed with the boy for being so confident in himself, despite his young age.

Jehan found himself feeling an odd mix of disappointment and relief. Disappointment that he wouldn’t get to dance the evening away with the attractive older boy, and that he had been let down once again, but also relief that the conversation hadn’t gone the way that, for a second, had seemed possible. For all that he liked to assume the best, Jehan wasn’t actually naive. He knew that this kind of behaviour could have repercussions for him, but at least the boy he had a small crush on hadn’t mocked him.

Jehan nodded Luke, understanding his response. “Thanks, I hope I will,” he said with a small smile. “Good luck with your plans.”

OOC: Feel free to take this conversation as something that could be overheard, and therefore part of Sonora gossip!

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