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Parker, Pecari
Breakfast with a side of news...
Fri Mar 30, 2018 15:23

Life was going pretty well Parker thought. He was beginning to realize how to control his wand magic. He had found that he was not too bad at certain classes. He had made some friends in the DnD group. And most importantly, CLEO WAS TALKING TO HIM! He had woken up feeling pretty great.

As he sat down at his table, he felt like he could take on the world. A few classes today would be a piece of cake. Heck he thought, I might even read the Potions book today.

He was halfway through his eggs and toast when an owl flew down to the table and dropped off a letter. Parker had gotten used to this since he'd started writing home to friends and his sister again. Picking up the letter with one hand and putting a piece of toast in his mouth with the other, Parker felt his heart leap into his throat when he saw the front. He recognized his mothers handwriting before he saw her name in the corner of the letter.

Parker slowly opened the letter, hoping that it wasn't his mom telling him he couldn't play Quidditch. He'd sent her all the information from the healer, but he hadn't heard anything back. And even though there hadn't been much around Quidditch so far this year, he was still hoping they would play something, even if just a skirmish. He was trying to work out so he could take more hits, but now it all be for not with this letter. Could he burn it and inform his mom he never got it? What would she say?

Parker put down his toast and took a deep breath in pulling out the paper inside. Parker glanced quickly over the letter, not mention of the word Quidditch or sports. But his sister's name was said, which caused Parker to stop and return to the top of the page.

Dear Parker,
I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you with some news about your sister since you don't seem to have phones or e-mail.

It seems that next year Lyssa will be joining you at your school.

She recently started displaying some traits that you have, and though she hasn't received an invitation nor has a man appeared in our kitchen again, I believe it will probably happen soon.

I don't know what help she might need, but since you are already there, I hope you can help her in the coming months as she will likely have a million questions. None of which your father nor I can answer.

Love you my Ranger,

Parker put the letter down on the table staring off into the space in front of him. He wasn't one to normally swear but he felt like the situation called for it.

"Well s***."

Now Parker had to think about all the things Lyssa would need. He wondered if he would have to be the one to help her get school supplies or if Mac would show and help. He honestly didn't know. A part of him was sad that he wasn't the special one in the family, but was excited that he could share this place and the magic with his sister.

Parker picked up the piece of toast again and started eating again. His brain now refocused on the news he'd received.

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