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Dorian Montoir
News with a side of anxiety
Wed Apr 4, 2018 21:36

OOC - I have asterisked out your swear word using my editing powers, as we try to keep things PG-ish.

Dorian wasn’t particularly fixed to any one table in the hall. Given the informal rules about house seating, he tended to sit wherever his friends were. This morning though, he was first down. He thought he might choose the Pecari table because it was a while since they had sat there, and he tried to give fair representation to the houses of his friends (admittedly, Teppenpaw got more turns because there were more of them, and because if he came downstairs with Vlad, which he often did, it seemed a little bit odd for two Teppenpaws to sit together somewhere else, unless someone was already waving them over to one of the other tables). The only table he’d never sat at was the Crotalus one.

He had just crossed behind Parker when he heard the other boy say a single word. A word he knew. A word that meant Parker was not having a good day. He hesitated. Dorian was a kind boy, and naturally inclined to help others, but he was also quite wary of people he didn’t know. Especially the kinds of people his family wouldn’t approve of him associating with, who were in Pecari, and who played Quidditch. And yes, two of those three applied to Tatya as well, but it was different… She had become his friend before he’d found out about her playing Quidditch. She was a girl. His experience of his brother and his brother’s friends told him that most boys, especially Quidditch playing boys, didn’t like boys like him. There were just a lot of things about Parker that made him nervous.

He was still hesitating when an owl swooped in and, seeing where Dorian had stopped, dropped an envelope on the plate next to Parker’s.

“Merci beaucoup,” he nodded to the owl, fishing it a treat from his pocket. He managed to sound sincere even though he wasn’t entirely sure about the choice of seat.

“Hi?” he said uncertainly, as he sat down next to Parker, because it seemed rude to just invade the other boy’s personal space without saying anything. He picked up the envelope bearing Émilie’s writing and fiddled with it, not yet opening it, because he was still deciding what to do about Parker. A glance at him as he’d sat down revealed Parker to be more pensive looking than angry in spite of his swearing. But it wasn’t like Parker knew him well. And most guys didn’t like to talk about their feelings and things. Even if he didn’t inherently dislike Dorian for being all things opposite to him, he might not exactly want to share with him seeing as they were virtually strangers. “Things are ok?” he asked nervously. At least it was a fairly neutral question. If Parker didn’t want to talk to him about whatever had bothered him, he could just tell him he was fine and they could both carry on with their toast.

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