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DH Skies
Attention everyone... Christmas is Cancelled
Fri Apr 6, 2018 21:11

The theory that the fever and the bursts of accidental magic were linked were proved a couple of days after the staff meeting, although it seemed that it wasn’t quite as they suggested - the accidental magic was itself a symptom, not merely a result of an incidence of illness. It was all over the papers. Because it wasn’t just them. There had been outbreaks across the whole country - adults losing control, obliviators working over time. Only recently had it been linked with the spike in fever cases. Whilst it was, in some senses, a good thing that they knew was going on, it was a previously unknown illness and that, apparently, meant they couldn’t do much in the way of stopping it. The only symptom they knew how to treat was the fever, and given that that cropped up after all the bursts of accidental magic, it looked like things might be exploding for a while.

That was the news she had broken to the staff yesterday. She had also Floo’d in a report to MACUSA to inform them that they had had several cases of the virus at the school. This morning, one week before the Midterm holiday, she had got a response. One that was not going to make many people very happy. She had sent out two notes. One to all bar one of the staff member, informing them that they had yet another meeting (she wondered how many terms beyond this one it would take for her staff to cease having a pavlovian reaction of their stomach clenching at the sight of her handwriting - although how often did she, as the deputy headmistress, send them good news?). She had sent a different note to Sophie… Telling the staff had not been a pleasant job. Tarquin, in particular, had not taken it well, and had stormed out of the meeting, under the grounds that he was pretty sure he was sick and he didn’t want to start throwing things at her or making them blow up. She’d later found out that he had fairly good reason to be especially upset by the situation. She felt awful but there was nothing she could do.

And now that she’d done it to the staff, it was time to ruin everyone else’s Christmas too.

“Attention please,” she called out at lunch, her voice magically amplified. The day before, the students had been informed that the accidental magic was a symptom of the illness going around, along with an apology to anyone who had been misjudged over their incidents. She was concerned that telling them gave a carte blanche to pranksters to try to get away with more, but she didn’t think they really had too many of those (which made her wonder why things hadn’t stood out to them sooner, but hindsight was twenty twenty), and it was cruel and unfair not to let them know what was happening to them. It was disturbing, losing control of one’s magic, and she was sure a few of them had already been freaked out by the incidents that had taken place. Plus it let them know to be on the lookout for developing fever symptoms, and going to the medic sooner rather than later. “As you know, there is an illness going around not just in school, but in the wider wizarding world. This is a previously unknown illness, and the magical authorities are still working out how to treat it,” this was all recap from yesterday. “One of the only measures they are able to take at present is to try to control the spread of the illness,” this was the new information. “As such, they have taken the decision to place the school under quarantine. That means no one coming in, and no one going out until we have a better idea of what’s going on. That’s unlikely to happen within a week.” She had thought for a long time about how to say this. What words to use. But there were no words that she could dress this up in that made it pleasant or palatable. Which meant it was probably better to be direct, and clear. “We will all be staying here for Midterm. Your parents will be sent letters by Floo this afternoon. I’m very sorry.”

OOC - this is set about a week before Midterm. You can assume your family gets a letter from the school explaining the situation, and reassuring them that their child is fine. Midterm will be posted at the end of the weekend in order to give reaction time for those who want it. If you have posts that occur pre-midterm and you don’t manage to get them up before the Midterm line is posted, you can always use that as the post that you respond to.

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    • Oh Merlin, I’m the Grinch who stole Christmas Jozua Sparks, Sat Apr 7 21:43
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