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Jozua Sparks
Oh Merlin, I’m the Grinch who stole Christmas
Sat Apr 7, 2018 21:43

During Professor Skies’ first announcement to the school - the one where they all found out Jozua (and other people like Parker and Zevalyn, but really, mostly, Jozua, not that she’d mentioned him by name or anything but he was pretty sure he’d been the only one given detentions over it) were not useless horrible people with poor wand control but innocent victims of a new illness and should not be held at fault for what they couldn’t help and apologies were made for past blaming - Jozua had felt a bit relieved to know there had been a good reason for why his magic had gone haywire at the beginning of the school year. He felt vindicated from the ‘reputation that preceded him’ and glad that being ‘kinda scary’ around his classmates wasn’t something likely to reoccur any time he got too nervous and hadn’t recently been living in a dueling arena to keep on top of his magical control. He’d just been sick. It was a symptom of an illness. It wasn’t his fault.

Between that announcement and today’s, however, upon hearing the details a second time and understanding that the entire school was getting quarantined to prevent the spread of it, Jozua realized something terrible.

It was his fault.

That everyone at Sonora was getting sick, that they were trapped here over Christmas. . . . it was totally completely and entirely Jozua Maarten Sparks’ fault.

He’d been showing accidental magic signs in August, before coming back to school.

He’d been the first one to come down with a fever.

The next two people he knew of who did were Joe and Lily, two of his three closest friends.

It must be his fault. All of it. He had clearly been the one who brought this new plague here, he’d been the carrier who spread it from Oregon to Arizona.

Every explosion, every overheated greenhouse, every bit of weirdness going on, every person who fell victim to that terrible high fever, every person stuck here instead of going home to families and friends, it was because of him. He did this to Sonora.

He sat there in his seat at dinner that night looking far more stricken and horrified than even the prospect of Christmas at school ought to engender. Well after Professor Skies stopped talking, Jozua didn’t eat, didn’t talk, didn’t move.

  • Attention everyone... Christmas is CancelledDH Skies, Fri Apr 6 21:11
    The theory that the fever and the bursts of accidental magic were linked were proved a couple of days after the staff meeting, although it seemed that it wasn’t quite as they suggested - the... more
    • I'm the one infected, twisted animatorCleo James, Mon Apr 16 08:28
      Accidental magic plague. When Cleo had heard that bit of news, it had definitely explained a few things. All of the weird things, in fact, that had seemed like they couldn’t really be to do with her... more
    • Oh Merlin, I’m the Grinch who stole Christmas — Jozua Sparks, Sat Apr 7 21:43
      • So… on the plus side, she wasn’t being bullied or victimised. That was good. On the other hand, she had made a teacup tease her and turned herself invisible. What did that say about her as a person?... more
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