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Giving you some work this midterm [tag Prof. Philpott]
Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:29

Jozua still was not entirely comfortable with his role in getting the school quarantined, but there really wasn’t anything he could do about it now and, honestly, nothing he could have done about it then without some kind of Sight. So he went about his days leading up to midterm following his normal routines. Now, however, it was the first weekday of midterm and there were no classes. Most teachers weren’t even holding office hours.

It left him a bit at loose ends.

He didn’t want to do his homework yet - there would be plenty of time for that later - but with the let-up in his schedule, and after the letter he recently got from his dad about some of the research results that were coming from his summer apprenticeship, he remembered something that he had meant to do this year, but with everything that had happened, he’d completely forgotten about.

And it wasn’t like Professor Philpott really had anything better to do either, since he was stuck at the school with everyone else. So today found Jozua knocking on the independent study advisor’s office door.

When he was invited inside, he did so and awkwardly hovered near the chair until he was ordered to sit down. He did. “Hi, um, I know halfway through fifth year is kind of late to start an independent study, but I’ve been looking into the requirements for a degree in curse breaking, and I think I need some history credit. Erm, what do I need to do to get that?”

    • Oh joy. That's just what I wantedProfessor Philpott, Fri Apr 27 21:15
      When there was a knock on his door, he assumed it was most likely to be a staff member. Preferably the deputy headmistress, coming to tell him he could leave. He was surprised therefore, when a... more
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