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Michael DiCaprio
Feeling homesick...
Thu Apr 12, 2018 14:27

Apparently there was some crazy sickness going on around Sonora, which Mikey had been lucky enough not to catch. After they made the announcement and sent letters home, his parents had been furious that he wouldn't be joining them for Christmas. It was the biggest holiday of the whole year! He would be missing out on presents and the best food and family time. It always snowed super early in Denver, and while he was okay missing that, not being able to see the snowy mountains or skate on the frozen lakes for the first time in his life was heartbreaking.

He had been a little bit homesick before, but knowing he would be returning home had kept him going. Now, with no classes to distract him, the homesickness was almost overwhelming.

Mikey was also nervous about being quarantined with a bunch of sick students. If he hadn't caught it yet, he doubted he could last much longer. Unless he had some kind of immunity, having taken so many vitamins growing up.

Being stuck like this when he wasn't even sick was unfair. Mikey just wanted to go home, but at the same time he didn't want to tell anyone in case he looked like a sissy. He didn't want to look like a sissy. He stared into his cereal, not feeling very hungry, his head leaning against his hand. It was hard been a first year and he hated being alone. At least at home he was always surrounded by somebody he was close to, but here it was different. He didn't feel like he'd made any close friends yet, and even talking to his roommate was weird cause he didn't know whether Beau liked him or not. Mikey hated feeling solitary, but being homesick, afraid, and sad was a lot to process.

Mikey sighed into his cereal. He imagined what their Christmas tree would look like this year and if his dad would take off a week of work to spend winter break with them. Usually they went to California for Christmas to visit his nonna and the other DiCaprios, but he would be missing it. It was tradition, and he already missed the rush of L.A. It felt wrong to be somewhere else.

Someone sat across from him and Mikey looked up despondently. "Hi," he said. Even though he probably looked miserable, he already he felt a little better being near somebody else. "This sucks, doesn't it? What would you be doing if you were at home right now?"

    • And now you can be otherwise sick, because Iím infected Jasmine Delachene, Tue Apr 17 09:57
      Jasmine did not want to be here over midterm. Peyton was a good friend and roommate, and Tatiana was an interesting person with excellent taste, but neither was a good substitute for her mom. Neither ... more
      • Rats... worth it thoughMikey, Wed Apr 18 21:52
        The fact that it was Jasmine that decided to talk to him was pretty cool and would've made Mikey feel better if he wasn't so homesick. He didn't have any pets to miss, just family, so he couldn't... more
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