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Georgia Kirkly
That's my favourite Christmas film. Which I now don't get
Sun Apr 15, 2018 09:36

So… on the plus side, she wasn’t being bullied or victimised. That was good. On the other hand, she had made a teacup tease her and turned herself invisible. What did that say about her as a person? Oh, and she had vanished all the quills to get out of math, but that last one was totally sane and reasonable, and not exactly a new experience. The rest though, had her seriously questioning her sanity and mental wellbeing. She had decided to try not to think about it too much. It was nearly Christmas. She would see her family, and hopefully get to go dress shopping with Zev. It was a time for fun, not self-reflection. For decorating the Christmas tree, and watching the Grinch (and all the other Christmas movies but that one was her favourite) and eating gingerbread and all kinds of other good things, and for hanging out her stocking and pretending she still believed it really was Santa who filled it because she’d gone through the phase of being all grown up and having ‘figured it out’ and it was more fun now to go back to pretending.

And then, just like that, those things were all gone. What the actual hell? Surely they couldn’t do this? Except obviously they could. And they just had.

“Well, this year can officially go die in a fire,” she complained. And then she glanced around and saw who she was sitting next to. Oops. Not that Jozua had killed anyone with his fires, and nor had anyone died in the house fire he’d had last year. But it was still a pretty tactless comment, probably. She wondered for about the millionth time in her life her school life how she’d got into the house that had ‘diplomacy’ as a trait given her almost supernatural ability to put her foot in her mouth. It was like her specialist skill. “Sorry… Bad choice of phrase,” she apologised, hoping Jozua was looking… however he was looking right now (not good) more because of the news than because of her words.

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    During Professor Skies’ first announcement to the school - the one where they all found out Jozua (and other people like Parker and Zevalyn, but really, mostly, Jozua, not that she’d mentioned him by ... more
    • That's my favourite Christmas film. Which I now don't get — Georgia Kirkly, Sun Apr 15 09:36
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