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Cleo James
I'm the one infected, twisted animator
Mon Apr 16, 2018 08:28

Accidental magic plague. When Cleo had heard that bit of news, it had definitely explained a few things. All of the weird things, in fact, that had seemed like they couldn’t really be to do with her being half veela, had seemed that way because they weren’t. Parker’s problems weren’t anything to do with her. Well, apart from the problem of her - the problem that his best friend was mental and a half man-bewitching fiend thing and still keeping that a secret from him. Which was a pretty big problem…

The fact that she was clearly sick concerned her - she wasn’t sure where the ball gown had come from (possibly Winston, seeing as she definitely had not been wanting to wear it) but bricking herself up in a tower… Well, that she was pretty certain counted as the symptoms described. She wasn’t sure accidental magic and half veela was a good combination. And the fever part didn’t sound fun either. But she only had one week to go to the holidays. She was looking forward to going home. She had been robbed of much of the summer by the revelations about her mother. She had spent a lot of time upset, and also rather mad at her daddy. Her feelings about the whole thing were still very complicated, but she didn’t want to be mad at him any more. She wanted to go home. To be looked after. To relax. She still felt like she had to be on her guard here all the time, and it was tiring. It would be nice not to feel that way, and to spend time actually having fun, with someone who cared about her and that she wasn’t a danger to or in danger from.

She didn’t think much of it when Professor Skies stood up to talk to them again. There was… a whole big thing going on, and there would probably be a lot of updates. She began talking about how they had to control the spread of the illness. Were they going to get a lecture on handwashing or something? She remembered a cheery nurse from her middle school reminding them that ‘coughs and sneezes spread diseases.’ She knew she was sick, so she would try extra hard not to breathe on people or whatever for the last week. It wasn’t like she saw many people anyway and-

What?! WHAT?! No!

She sat in shock for a moment, not quite believing the deputy head’s words. But then Professor Skies stopped talking. That was it… She didn’t want to stay here! She wanted to go home! She could feel the sting of tears in her eyes, and a hot, desperate pounding in her chest.

The entire of Crotalus table burst into flame.

Cleo leapt back, startled, shielding her face, and slightly panic-stricken. Before she could do much more than that, Professor Skies had put the flames out, although it took a few waves of her wand to do so, and then even more to set the things on the table back to rights. Cleo kept her head low, pretty sure the Professor knew who was to blame for that, but Professor Skies didn’t tell her off, merely going back to the staff table. Cleo glanced at the Crotalus table. It looked… fine. Back to normal. Like she hadn’t just done that. But she had. Even with the excuse of the accidental magical illness, that had been… extreme, and she wondered what her classmates thought. She didn’t want to be such a danger to people. She didn’t even want to be around people. She- She wished she could go home.

OOC - I also author Professor Skies, otherwise the above would not be allowed

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    • I'm the one infected, twisted animator — Cleo James, Mon Apr 16 08:28
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