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Jasmine Delachene
And now you can be otherwise sick, because I’m infected
Tue Apr 17, 2018 09:57

Jasmine did not want to be here over midterm. Peyton was a good friend and roommate, and Tatiana was an interesting person with excellent taste, but neither was a good substitute for her mom. Neither was snow, as strange and intriguing as it was to the Southern California girl, a good replacement for her horses, which she missed almost as much as her family. Uncle Daniel was stuck here, too, but honestly, of everyone she was related to and if she could only pick one, Daniel probably would have been her last choice for someone to spend the holidays with. She kind of half expected him to give her extra DADA homework instead of presents because ‘knowledge is the greatest gift.’

She supposed he was better than nobody though. Probably. He used to be fun, before he became her teacher. Maybe being the only family around over the holidays would remind him she was his niece as well as his student? Unlikely, but possible.

So it was with dour homesickness that she made her way down to the Cascade Hall for breakfast. She looked around and spotted the first year, Mikey, who had liked her dancing flower in Charms, looking nearly as miserable as she felt, so she went and sat down across from him, not quite sure she if she intended to share miseries or try to cheer him up.

He was apparently into sharing miseries. Jasmine was fine with that. “It does,” she agreed wholeheartedly on this quarantine’s suckiness.

“If I was home, I’d be hugging my horses right now,” she answered, sounding heartbroken that she was being prevented from doing that. “I miss them so much all year and midterm is the only - oh my God!”

She startled up to her feet, shocked, as the sparkly pink clutch she just put down on the floor next to her chair suddenly grew and transformed into a huge winged abraxon the size of a small elephant, who incidentally looked just like Flossie, her favorite horse back at the ranch. She wasn’t actually Flossie, she was actually a transfigured inanimate purse, but Jasmine threw her arms as far around the thick neck as they could reach and hugged the facsimile tightly with tears in her eyes. The winged horse didn’t seem to mind the hug or the cramped quarters it found itself in and nuzzled her back.

“Mikey,” she beamed at him, “this is Flossie, or at least a magical copy of her.” Jasmine could note minor differences, aside from the fact that the real Flossie couldn’t be here, mostly in the form of small imperfections and flaws that the real horse had that this one didn’t, but right now she didn’t really care about any of that. Whatever inexplicable magic made it possible for her to give Flossie a hug this morning, when she needed one so much, she was all for it. “If I were home, I’d be petting her, and grooming her, and flying her over our ranch.”

  • Feeling homesick...Michael DiCaprio, Thu Apr 12 14:27
    Apparently there was some crazy sickness going on around Sonora, which Mikey had been lucky enough not to catch. After they made the announcement and sent letters home, his parents had been furious... more
    • And now you can be otherwise sick, because I’m infected — Jasmine Delachene, Tue Apr 17 09:57
      • Rats... worth it thoughMikey, Wed Apr 18 21:52
        The fact that it was Jasmine that decided to talk to him was pretty cool and would've made Mikey feel better if he wasn't so homesick. He didn't have any pets to miss, just family, so he couldn't... more
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