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Rats... worth it though
Wed Apr 18, 2018 21:52

The fact that it was Jasmine that decided to talk to him was pretty cool and would've made Mikey feel better if he wasn't so homesick. He didn't have any pets to miss, just family, so he couldn't relate with her talk about horses.

When her bag turned into a winged horse, Mikey's eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped.

"What the heck?" came out of his mouth without thinking, he was so surprised. Maybe if they wished hard enough, things actually came true? That could be part of the whole magical sickness thing, but it probably wouldn't have created something this big. How did it even fit right there next to her? Maybe if he wished hard enough for his family, a fake family would sprout up out of nowhere, but he highly doubted it. It wouldn't be the same, anyway, because unlike horses he'd expect his fake family to talk to him, and that wouldn't work out too well.

At least seeing her fake horse made Jasmine so happy she was almost crying. She must've missed her a lot. Mikey didn't know exactly what to say to a fake winged horse, but he smiled. "It even acts like a winged horse," he replied. He leaned over to touch it, curious. The material didn't feel exactly like a horse, but it definitely moved and behaved like one. "It must be super cool to have a winged horse and live on a ranch," he said, putting his hand a little more boldly on its neck. "We live in the city so there's no way we'd be able to have one and hide it from Muggles.

"How'd that even happen?" Mikey was really curious about what had caused this sudden transfiguration, more so than Jasmine's current delight. It helped distract him from everything else. "Maybe your bag is magical and knew you needed to hug her." He didn't know if those things existed, but it definitely seemed like a possibility right now.

  • And now you can be otherwise sick, because Iím infected Jasmine Delachene, Tue Apr 17 09:57
    Jasmine did not want to be here over midterm. Peyton was a good friend and roommate, and Tatiana was an interesting person with excellent taste, but neither was a good substitute for her mom. Neither ... more
    • Rats... worth it though — Mikey, Wed Apr 18 21:52
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