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Parker Fitzgerald
Oh no... you've heard about the MARS room?
Thu Apr 19, 2018 13:15

Parker was wrapped up in his head. His thoughts like a warm blanket on a cold day. Thinking about his sister, and what his mother might be saying to her, and how she might be feeling, he felt an urge to go home right away. After having just been sick, and nearly blowing up a room, that might not be possible.

Parker didn't register the boy who walked by and stopped. He was trying to figure out what his sister would do, how they would get more books and robes, since Parker didn't know how to go to the magical store to get those supplies. And a myriad of things he would need to tell his sister about this magical world.

The blanket of his thoughts was thrown off as the owl coasted down towards him. He momentarily had a lump grow in his throat thinking that he had a letter already from his sister with her millions of questions. But the bird dropped the envelope on the plate next to Parker's and a boy from his year, who Parker recognized but didn't know, seemed to thank the bird. Saying something in a language he didn't know. Parker felt a brief bit of jealousy wash over him, momentarily distracting his brain.

Parker made a mental note though to get treats for the owls on seeing the boy's move.

It never hurt to thank someone in a way they'd like Parker thought.

The boy seemed hesitant to speak to Parker at first. Maybe he'd heard that Parker had blown up a MARS room. Parker grew a bit worried about where this conversation might go if there was a worry he might explode again.

"Hi," Parker said as the boy sat down.

Upon being asked the question if things were ok Parker hesitated. If he'd been asked a few minutes before, his response would have been a resounding "Yes! Things are great." He'd felt so much better after leaving the hospital that it seemed like he was a new person. That added to the high of Cleo talking to him again.

Now though he didn't know what he was feeling. It was as if a piece of him that had been buried was trying to dig its way out. And though this fellow second year seemed genuinely worried or interested, Parker wasn't sure what he was feeling, let alone how to even articulate it.

"Umm... " Parker picked up his letter, "Letter from my mom about the family. Unsure of how things are."

Parker put the letter down, his eyes falling across his sisters name again. Lyssa.

Good lord, this might be a lot trouble.

Parker realized he'd fallen silent again, and that he still couldn't think of the boys name.

"Sorry. I'm not normally this..." Parker couldn't think of the word he meant, but stuck out his hand. "My name is Parker. I don't think we've actually talked before. You are one of the second years who speaks foreign languages ya? I am always amazed by people who can do that, I don't think I'd be able to speak more than English. I try to learn new words, but never learn how to put them in sentences that make sense." And as usual, once he began talking, the words just flowed from his mouth, like water from a spring.

Parker pulled the letter off the table and put it in his pocket. He'd have to write Lyssa a letter soon, and would have to sit down and talk to her about a few things. Specifically, how everyone seemed to think family blood was so important here. But there would be time for that later. Since the boy had sat down, Parker felt he should at least try to make a new friend, who knows, this boy might turn out to be someone for the Garden Adventurers.

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    • Oh no... you've heard about the MARS room? — Parker Fitzgerald, Thu Apr 19 13:15
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